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Mistakes Made by Cat Owners

15 Mistakes Made by Cat Owners

Pets are no different from children. Our pets also become a member of our family. We share our life as well as we share everything with them. For this reason, we take it as our responsibility to live their lives under the best conditions and strive for their happiness.

While paying so much attention to the goodness of our pets, there are actually many mistakes we make. For example, if we have a domestic cat, there are a lot of things to consider. We have listed the mistakes we should make while carefully raising our pet cat for you. By taking care not to make these mistakes, we can actually prevent human mistakes that cause our cats, which are the most fed animals in the world, to have serious problems, become disabled or lose their lives.

The First Mistake: Hurrying to Own a Cat

You have the opportunity to revert what you bought by making a hasty decision, but remember that you should not have such a chance when you own the cat! Consider that the “thing” you bring to your home and make a member of your family is a living thing. Before you adopt the cat, consider in detail if you are ready to own the cat.

Before deciding if possible, talk to a cat owner know every detail of cat care and try for a while by looking at her/his cat. Otherwise, you may have difficulty taking care of your cat that you own with a rush decision.

The Second Mistake: Not Thinking of the Costs of a Pet Cat

Owning a cat requires a great responsibility. Make sure you can afford your four-legged friend’s regular food, sand, vet and unexpected expenses. You need to own your cat by considering your expenses and considering your financial situation. Otherwise, you will have financial difficulties and your cat’s needs will not be met.

The Third Mistake: Pet Cat Not Neutered

There are very emotional approaches on this subject, but it is not a favor for cats to not neuter when looking at both emotional and health aspects. The kitten you adopted will grow up after a while and when it reaches maturity, it will enter the mating period.

This period is an uncomfortable situation for both you and your cat, as well as the possibility of your cat running away from home to neuter. When we put aside the control of the population and the increasing population of all the babies that are perished on the streets, neutering also minimizes the possibility of genital diseases that occur frequently in cats. Therefore, talk to your vet and determine the correct neuter method and time for your cat.

The Fourth Mistake: Pet Cat Is Not Regularly Sent To Vet

Although cats can easily survive minor diseases, negative consequences can occur when an emergency is not noticed. Also, domestic cats need to be vaccinated regularly. You should not neglect veterinary checks even if your pet cat is extremely healthy.

Also, a small discomfort you observe in your cat may be a symptom of an important disease. Therefore, it is useful to contact the veterinarian without underestimating your cat’s discomfort.

The Fifth Mistake: Not Securing Cat Owners’ Home Balcony

Especially in hot weather, domestic cats are falling from the balcony. It is possible for cats, which are very active and energetic, to climb the balcony wall even though it is very high. Although the floor where your house is located is low, it can be injured when your cat jumps and falls. Many cats therefore suffer permanent damage or die. To prevent this situation and to protect your cat’s health, you can make a low cost change on your balcony. You can lengthen your balcony railing or you can prevent your cat from falling when it jumps by making it from wire mesh up to the ceiling. Also, when your cat falls, take it to the vet immediately. Otherwise, your cat may lose its life due to the pain.

The Sixth Mistake: Leaving the Windows of the House Open

Another issue that people with pets should pay attention to is that the windows are closed. Especially when the weather is hot, it is more dangerous for cats. Opening your window from above is not enough for your cat’s safety. Because cats have the ability to climb and enter even narrow spaces.

Many people find it easier to open them from above instead of having a wire attached to their windows. When cats try to jump out of this window, they get stuck and hurt themselves, often getting crippled by breaking their spine and not holding them down the waist. They can also lose their lives while trying to save themselves with the current trauma. For this reason, open the windows of your house in a controlled manner or make your windows wire mesh for the safety of your cat.

The Seventh Mistake: Leaving the Cleaning Materials Out

We think that cats will not smell or interest about them, especially when we leave laundry water or chemical content water such as floor cleaning water in the middle, but we are wrong. Many cats get poisoned during the year because they taste the chemical waters and unfortunately they die. Therefore, if we have a domestic cat, we must take care not to leave the materials around when cleaning or after cleaning.

The Eighth Mistake: Not Storing Electrical Cables

As we know, cats are very curious animals. Electric cables are also one of the items that attract the attention of cats. Electric cables are a great danger where cats can reach them. Cats may try to gnaw the cables, causing electric shock. Or they may face the risk of suffocation by entangling cables. Even if the cables are not plugged in, it means risk for your cat. Therefore, the cables must be stored securely.

The Ninth Mistake: Exposing the Cat to Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke is very harmful even for an adult individual. Exposure of pets equivalent to children to cigarette smoke is also risky for their health. We should not think that “my cat is used to it, it is not affected by cigarette smoke.” Because passive smoking harms their tiny lungs. Although it does not show its effect at a young age, your cat will not be in good health when it gets older. For this reason, you should be careful not to smoke next to your cat.

The Tenth Mistake: Not Getting Vaccinations

The fact that they are vaccinated more often in childhood and that this calendar is rare in adulthood does not mean that cats do not need vaccination. On the contrary, as your cat grows older, health problems may increase and they need more vaccinations. Even if there is no health problem, your cat should be vaccinated regularly to be resistant to diseases.

The Eleventh Mistake: Giving Milk

There is a perception that cats’ favorite beverage is milk, but it is very harmful to give milk to cats. In particular, giving milk to kittens without a mother can even result in death. Because cats do not have the bacteria to dissolve lactose they take when they drink other than breast milk, they may experience discomfort in the digestive tract. For this reason, never give milk to your pet or the cats you see on the street.

The Twelfth Mistake: Over Care

It is a fact that cats need regular care. But by nature, the cat spends half a day sleeping and cleaning itself. For this reason, it is not healthy to care for your cat constantly or more than necessary. In addition, combing your cat’s hair every day, cutting its nails, brushing its teeth will cause psychological problems and skin diseases; washing with water every day will cause it to give up its habit of cleaning itself after a while. It will be more accurate to carry out regular care and enough care.

The Thirteenth Mistake: Owning Another Pet

If you have a cat at home and you have decided to acquire your second cat, you should know that this can be a difficult and stressful process for them. Even the most tame cats will react, thinking that a new alien coming to their habitat can pose a threat.

You need to spend enough time with them to get used to each other and to fuse together and to keep them under surveillance during their socialization. If the other pet you choose to take home is a rodent, a bird or a fish, your cat can see them as prey.

Of course, it is OK to have another pet when you have a cat in your home, but we recommend that you do not leave them alone until they are under your control until you are sure that they are constantly under control and that they will not merge and hurt each other.

For this reason, it is useful to consider adopting another pet according to your cat’s relationship with other animals. Otherwise, your cat may become irritated or its psychology may be impaired.

The Fourteenth Mistake: Neglecting Cat Litter Cleaning

Cats are very clean animals. They always want to see their litter clean. If you are negligent about changing your cat’s litter, your cat will pee or poop it to the places it deems clean at home. If your cat makes it a habit, it will not be good in terms of both its own hygiene and your home’s hygiene. For this reason, you should pay attention to the change of litter and whether your cat is satisfied with the sand.

The Fifteenth Mistake: Restricting Its Movements and Overfeed

Since cats are very lazy animals, they need toys and activities to activate them during the day. Otherwise, they will remain the direct weight they eat. Keeping your cat motionless and overfeeding its adversely affects her health. Therefore, we should our cat increases the movement areas and we should remove the remaining food after 1 hour when we put food. In this way, your cat enters a certain diet and does not eat more than it needs. Although they are cute, excess weight is as harmful to them as we are.

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