Aegean Cat

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Aegean Cat 

Aegean cat is a natural cat breed that develops without human intervention, making it a healthy and durable breed. This cat breed comes from the Greek Cyclades on the Aegean Sea. Since these cats learn to develop on these islands, they are not afraid of water and are also known to be comfortable around a variety of people, including fishermen they meet in their daily lives. Although it is one of the oldest breeds of domesticated cats on the planet, it was not until the last few years in the early 1990s when the Aegean was called an official cat breed. Today this breed is considered a national treasure all over Greece, which is popular as a family animal. While it is very rare to find the Aegean cat breed in other parts of the world, you can easily come across one of these cats in Greece.

Characteristic Features of Aegean Cat Breed

Aegean breed cats are known as a social, lively and loving friend, as well as talkative and energetic cats. In addition, these cats get along well with children and other pets.

Physical Appearance of Aegean Cat Breed

Aegean breed cats have a medium size and a muscular body structure. The strength of the body and the medium size of the feet help these animals to hunt efficiently. The eyes of the Aegean cats are noticeable as they have a nice almond shape, and the ears have rounded tips. The eyes of this breed can have various shades of an eye-catching green color, while their feathers may have a white or a bi-color or tri-color pattern. They can also have a stripe patterned fur structure. Special care is not required for Aegean breed cats. During molting periods, you should take care to comb your cat’s hair. Also, attention should be paid to the diet of Aegean cats. Otherwise, intestinal problems may occur.

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