American Curl Cat

American Curl Cat Breed Information

American Curl Cat

American Curl is a fairly new cat breed. As a result of the genetic mutation, these naturally born cats were born in Lakewood, California for the first time. In 1986, the American Curl breed was officially registered. American Curl, which started purebretion studies in 1987, was recognized as a purebred breed in 1993.

Physical Appearance of American Curl Cat Breed

American Curl is a medium-sized cat breed. These cats that start from 4 lbs in weight can have an increased weight of up to 11 lbs. Its feathers are soft and silky. It is possible to see American Curl cat in many colors and patterns since it is produced by breeding with many other breeds of cats. Their ears are partly larger than most breeds, but their biggest feature that distinguishes them from other cats is their ears curved backwards. Ideally, the curvature of the ears should not touch the skulls. Like the crescent shape, they should curl backwards about 90 degrees and toward each other. American Curl kittens look normal like other kittens. As their ears grow, they gradually curl over time, and when they are about 4 months old, the curl process is completed and the ear shapes become stable. The curl of the ears does not affect the cat’s hearing. Only narrow ear canals can cause dirt accumulation and infection if regular cleaning is not achieved. American Curl cats can have long or short hairs. Long hairs are called American Curl Longhair and short hairs are called American Curl Shorthair. American Curl breed is a very easy care cat both of two hair lengths. It will be sufficient to be screened once a week. Please do not give up taking care of your cat.

Characteristic Features of American Curl Cat Breed

American Curl cat breed; it is known for its health, strength and ability to easily adapt to its environment. This cat breed, which has no known genetic disorder or a predisposition to physical diseases, rarely gets sick. American Curl cats have a character suitable for home care and are very good companions. They will not leave you alone, especially during your time in the kitchen. They get along well with children. But they don’t get along well with other cats. It is generally recommended to be looked after as one domestic cat. American Curl cats, who love nature and have a adventurous spirit, are keen on exploring their environment and playing games. They are smart enough to learn intelligence games in a short time.

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