American Keuda Cat

American Keuda Cat

American Keuda cat breed, which started to be produced since the 1980s, started to be reproduced in shelters by the method of interbreeding more than one species for the first time. In the American Keuda breed, the origin of which is the USA, durability is at the forefront due to the continuous controlled production. Although it was produced for the first time in 1980, the American Keudas, which were not recognized as a new breed until 2002, are still not fully recognized even today.

Physical Appearance of American Keuda Cat Breed

American Keuda cats have the potential to reach different weights based on their diet. This cat breed can have weights ranging from 6 lbs to 17 lbs. When fed properly, it continues to grow in average sizes, in a very athletic structure. American Keuda is a medium sized cat breed with soft lines. It has a head structure proportional to its body. It has facial features of a classic cat. Its ears are in the form of a rounded triangle and have a medium size. Since the eye colors can be various, there is no limitation. The tip structure of the outer part of the eyes is upwards form and the eye structure is almond shaped. The fur structure consisting of soft feathers is short and straight. Tail length is proportional to body length. It is a general feature that its leather structure is slightly loose. The skin on its stomach and elbows has folded structure. Thanks to these folds, the body temperature is balanced in the summer, and at the same time, it allows your cat to have an athletic structure.

Characteristic Features of American Keuda Cat Breed

American Keuda cat breed has a very athletic structure and is therefore very mobile. It is a great runner and very agile. It likes water and swimming in water. It is very smart. American Keuda breed has no special care situations. It is enough to comb regularly hairs.

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