Ankara Cat

Ankara Cat Breed Information

Ankara Cat

Although the date of its first appearance is unknown, the Ankara Cat, which has reached the stage of extinction for a period, can live on average from 12 to 18 years. This cat breed, which has increased in number after being included in the reproduction program by Turkey, Ankara Zoo, is known all over the world. Ankara cat, which was first taken to the USA in 1954, attracted the attention of international cat researchers here, but it was 1972 that it was first recognized as a breed. Non-white Ankara cats were recognized in 1978.

Physical Appearance of Ankara Cat Breed

Ankara Cat, which has average dimensions, can be seen in weights ranging from 5 lbs to 9 lbs. One of the oldest long-haired breeds, the Ankara cat is one of breed the hardest to resist with its beauty and nobility. Long hairs of different colors such as white, cream, blue and silver have a silky softness. Eye colors may also differ. They become muscular and medium in size; body structures are elegant. They have a long body and long legs. Their heads are of medium size and have distinctive lines. Nose structures are long and triangular. Their ears are close to each other and stand upright. It is possible to find silky hairs at the ends of the ears. They are known to be very cool, they curl their tails as they walk and position them horizontally towards their backs. By the age of 3, their feathers become the most flamboyant, and they swing and shine as they walk. Ankara Cats, who are hungry for attention, manage to surprise their owners with their intelligence. If it knows that you will take care of its, it is very likely that it will knowingly knock over or misbehave things. The Ankara cat always stands out with its acting, from the brood period to the old one. Ankara cat is a breed that requires both interest and care. Although it is sufficient to comb it weekly, you may need to comb its hair several times a week in some seasons. This cat breed, which continues to grow until the age of two, enjoys being combed.

Characteristic Features of Ankara Cat Breed

Ankara Cats who want constant attention at home are not suitable to live alone. Therefore, if you are leaving the house for long periods of time, it is useful to get a dog or other cat that can make friends with your cat. It is also very important to keep the litter of Ankara cats clean.

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