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Are Cats Washed?

Are Cats Washed?

Are Cats Washed?

First of all, you should not wash the cats unless they are extremely needed. Cats are creatures with a sterile language. You can see them licking themselves clean.If your cat’s hair is contaminated with sticky substances that it cannot clean with its tongue, it should be washed.Other than that, never wash your cat.Cats’ hairs are dense and thin. Therefore, it is very difficult to dry the hair after the cats have been washed. Even if you try to dry it with a towel, the bottom of the hair remains wet.The process of washing the cat becomes quite troublesome as they are also afraid of the sound of the hairdryer. You must use products that are suitable for cats during washing. You can find cleansers and shampoos for cats from petshop.

How to wash cats?

First, make sure the bathroom is warm. Put warm water 5 inches deep into the tub. You should also pay attention to running water.In case your cat escapes from the bathtub, remove dangerous items from around. Don’t force him into the bathroom, be nice.Gently rub your cat’s hair with warm water and accustom it to water.After shampoo, rinse your cat again with gentle gestures. After rinsing, wrap your cat in a towel.Be careful not to spill too much shampoo and your cat’s mouth and nose, do not enter.After the hair gets wet, take the shampoo that is special for cats and apply by rubbing.


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