Asian Cat

Asian Cat Breed Information

Asian Cat Breed Information

Asian cat breed attracts attention with their muscular bodies. Although they are medium-sized cats, genders of the cats can make a significant size difference. They also have wide-set ears and larger eyes when compared to other breeds. In general, they have short and fine fur which can be in any color. Even though there is no characteristic fur color for this breed, people usually know them with their smokey gray fur. There are many sub-breeds of this breed such as Burmilla, Bombay, and Tiffanie. Now, let’s check out the personality of this breed.

Personality of Asian Cat Breed

These cats are highly active cats that like to hunt and play all day long. Unlike most of the cat breeds, the Asian cat breed is a dependent cat which is highly social as well. In addition to this, they are quite talkative too. They usually communicate with their owners with various noises. They do not require grooming too often and they usually take care of themselves on their own. Moreover, this breed required some outdoor space to de-energize. They can get on well with children as well. Of course, parent supervision should be needed during the first few days.

History of Asian Cat Breed

Unlike what most people believe, the country of origin of this breed is the United Kingdom. They look very similar to Burmese cats and too often, people confuse these two separate breeds. The Asian cat breed is also known as the Malayan breed. They began to be bred in the 1980s. This is why they look very similar to Burmese breed because this breed was one of the breeds that used in cross breeding. Although this breed is relatively young when compared to the other cat breeds, there are millions of fans of this breed in all around the world.

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