Aztec Cat

Aztec Cat Breed Information

Aztec Cat Breed

Most of us want to have a pet in our houses. However, it is sometimes difficult to make the correct choice because of many alternatives. Depending on your character priority, your choice may change. Now it is time you learned about The Aztec. It is quite a muscular and athletic cat. It may look a bit wild at first glance, but don’t worry, it is very domestic at the same time. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Meet The Aztec

As stated above, despite the impression of big wild cats, it offers a pleasant domestic cat character. The Aztec is a medium to large shaped cat which has an athletic body and a very long tail. Because of the strong and densely boned body, both male and female Aztecs are really very heavy considering their size. Their ears are moderately large and eyes are almond shaped which give an exotic look to them. Their body pattern is generally symmetrical; that is, one side of the cat is like the mirror of the other side.

These cats are really lovely, attractive and cheerful friends. In addition to their intelligence, they are also considered sociable and friendly. The Aztec is like dogs in the sense that they are really good at interacting with people and they are easy to train. Even though it freshly joins the family, within a very short time you will feel like it is a long standing member of your house. Even your visiters probably will be surprised by being warmly welcomed by it. However, because of their huge amount of energy they can jump from one side to another, so it may tire you during the day. And finally it does not favor being left alone for a long time due to its social and outgoing nature.

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