Balinese Cat

Balinese Cat Breed Information

Balinese Cat 

The cute Balinese breed cats, named after the island of Bali in Indonesia, appear as a different type of Siamese cats. Although its long hair is thought to be caused by a genetic mutation, there is no definitive information on this subject.

Physical Appearance of Balinese Cat Breed

The Balinese breed has long and impressive feathers, like Persian and Ankara cats. The Balinese cat breed is of average size and has a weight ranging from 5 lbs to 11 lbs. Balinese cats are both graceful and muscular. Their faces and foreheads are triangle-shaped, tapering towards the wide chin. The eyes are bent and vibrant blue, the ears are large, open to the front and pointed. Feather colors and patterns are similar to Siamese cats and can be in four different colors. The bodies of Balinese cats, which are seal point, are light brown-cream color, their neck and chest are lighter. Their spots are dark brown, the nose, back and feet are the same color as the spots. The bodies of Balinese cats, which are in chocolate point color, have an ivory color and no pronounced shade. Speckles are medium brown. Bodies of Balinese cats, which are in blue point color, are white shades in cold blue-white tones, under the chin and chest, and the spots are dark blue. The bodies of Balinese cats, which are in lilac point color, are ice-white and shadowless. Speckles are ice gray and pinkish tones. It is also mentioned as lilac in some sources.

Characteristic Features of Balinese Cat Breed

Although the feather length difference with Siamese cats, the Balinese cat breed is exactly the same as Siamese cats in character. These cats, who feel extreme loyalty to their owners and want to spend time with people constantly, want to be with you in everything you do. Balinese cats are extremely clever. This cat breed, which enjoys playing complex games, also has a very athletic structure.

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