Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat Breed Information

Bengal Cat

Bengal cat is a leopard-colored cat with a fairly strong, muscular and stiff tail. This cat is indeed a perfect cat, both in appearance and nobility. The cat’s tail and eye color, in particular, are one of the most striking places. The cat has very small ears, despite its large head. Ears are upright. Although it looks like it has a wild look, it is actually an extremely tame cat. And among domestic cats, it is one of the cats that is most attached to its owner.

Bengal Cat Breed Information

Bengal Cat, formed after a hybrid mating between a domestic cat and an Asian Leopard Cat in the USA, is not characteristic of either cat. Called Felis Bengalensis (Asian Leopard Cat) in Latin, this cat is made up of a very wild and extremely strong breed. The cat’s teeth already show the characteristic feature of these two breeds. Although its origin is the USA, this cat, which is preferred by 1 out of every 5 cat owners in England, is also seen in other countries.

Personality of Bengal Cat Breed

This cat, which has an energetic and funny character, is also extremely compassionate to its owners. He loves to play and have fun with them. He is always mobile and loves climbing. That’s why he likes to always go to the benches and chairs. Of course, if you do not feed in a cage, you have to bear these pranks. Sometimes this cat can give unwanted reactions. And it can be as damaging as a dog. Therefore, in such cases, you will need to consult a veterinarian.

History of Bengal Cat Breed

This cat, which first became hybrid in 1963 and became a part of our lives, is now in a large number of lives. In fact, these cats are said to have more than the US and the UK. Bengal Cat are extremely smart cats with a strong build.

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