Birman Cat

Birman Cat Breed Information

Birman Cat Breed Information

The Burmese Cat, which is known by everyone in all over the world especially in European countries, first appeared in the Myanmar region. They are smart, researcher and talkative cats. They were taken to France first and their fame spread all over the world from France. If you have a silent house and are not happy with this situation, Burmese cat may solve this problem.The Burmese Cat have a magnificent beauty and unique structure and its beauty is a subject of mythology books. Also, they are called as the sacred cat of Bruma (Myanmar). Even in a French mythology; it is said that these kind of cats take their special looking from a blue-eyed queen.

In their special attributes, their average weight is 4-5 kilograms and they are talkative and obedient. Moreover, their body’s colors are crème, brown and they have generally blue eyes. Their furs are generally shaggy and their exuviation is not much.Furthermore, the Burmese Cat which is also known as sacred cats, derives its origin from Burmese. However, its early transfer to France caused its origins to be shown in France in many sources.The Burmese cat, which was gifted to the French travelers by the local people in 1919, was very popular in France, and their obedience with all their other characteristics made them spread to America and then to the world in a short time.

Burmese cats are looking like Siamese cats in general. Also, they have 20 different feather colors. The colors are generally cream, blue, brown and lilac colors. Ears, parts of the trunk and tails have different colors.Birman cats with soft silk and long hairs should be combed constantly. Generally, long furs are often circulating, so problems such as scar and fur loss may arise. Therefore, hairs should be combed and removed from dead skin with weekly care.

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