Bombay Cat

Bombay Cat

Many may think that these cats got their name from a city called Bombay. But their names do not come from a city. The first of its kind has been reached by breeding Sable Burmese and Black American cat. This breeding was done in the state of Kentucky, USA, with the request of an animal producer to produce a special black cat breed. Then, in the 1950s, the first Bombay cat appeared, with its pure black plumage and hypnotizing bright eyes. The name of the Bombay cats comes from their similarity to the black panther in India.

Physical Appearance of Bombay Cat Breed

The reputation of this breed was not difficult at all, because it was rather unusual at the time. In fact, the purpose of the cat breeder’s was to produce a black Burmese cat, but instead, a very beautiful, short-haired, beautiful cat with black feathers and eyes that resembled a panther appeared. Medium-sized and short-haired Bombay cats often have large almond-shaped eyes in green and gray. At the same time, these strong and flexible cats have a harmonious and elegant structure. Its head is usually round, its forehead is prominent and has a large surface. Their ears are round and slightly forward-leaning, their tails taper towards the tip. In addition, unlike many cats, Bombay cats’ paws are black just like their feathers. The color of purebred Bombay cats is black without any spots or other colors.

Characteristic Features of Bombay Cat Breed

Bombay breed cats certainly do not like to be alone. They have a loving and calm personality, they do not like to get into a fight. They also have great self-confidence. Curious and intelligent is one of the most distinctive features of these cats. They don’t like loud sounds, so try to keep it in quiet places. The reason for this is that their hearing senses are very developed. As they tend to overeat, it is a good idea to follow their diet and not leave the food container full all day.

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