Brazilian Shorthair Cat

Brazilian Shorthair Cat

This cat breed, first seen in Brazil, is known as the street cats of Brazil. Brazilian Shorthair cats, which started studies in the USA and England with the emergence of a breed with a different structure and feature, were recognized as a new breed of cat in 1998. These cats, dating back to the 1500s, are based on the British Shorthair cats brought by Portuguese sailors for pest control on ships. Brazilian Shorthair cats, which are considered as a mutated and hybridized breed of these cats, are also known as “Pelo Curto Brasileiro”.

Physical Appearance of Brazilian Shorthair Cat Breed

Brazilian Shorthair cats can have very variable weights. Although a cat of average size is accepted, due to its obesity-prone structure, it can weigh up to 33 lbs if it is not fed properly. Brazilian Shorthair is a cat breed that is a great match between short and shiny body hair and eye color. They have tails in proportion to hairs in the medium-sized body that extends from the origin to the tips. They also attract attention with large almond-shaped eyes, which you can call as slanting. a head proportional to the body, and a rounded ear structure. Thanks to its street cat origin, the extremely durable Brazilian Shorthair breed has the ability to easily adapt to any new environment.

Characteristic Features of Brazilian Shorthair Cat Breed

This cat breed, which does not hesitate to meet new people and has no difficulty moving to a different house, especially enjoys exploring different places. Brazilian Shorthair breed, which has become an ideal cat for families with children, thanks to its playful nature, enjoys attracting attention. Brazilian Shorthair, who loves to play with children and other pets, will entertain your children very much. This type of cat, which is very durable, also hardly wants any care. Even combing its hair several times a month will be enough. The Brazilian Shorthair breed does not require a bath at the same time.

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