British Longhair Cat

British Longhair Cat

The homeland of British Longhair cats is England and is a common cat breed. These sympathetic animals are purebred breeds, not breeds that were later produced through cat producers. It has evolved naturally.

Physical Appearance of British Longhair Cat Breed

This cat breed is known for its long hair structures. Their feet are tiny, but they are virtually invisible from the feather. Their tails are long and covered with feathers. They have a chubby body structures. Mild sagging under the neck can be said among their general features. British Longhair cats have longer hairs than the similar breed of British Shorthair. Long hairs give them a charismatic and sympathetic look. It has a yellow and white color called Golden. In addition, this breed has a round and tiny head and large eyes and long mustaches. Their cheeks have a chubby look. They have a strong head and jaw structure. Its pupils are almost in line form. Their eyes in copper color are among the most common types. For your British Longhair cats, we can say that if it does not get enough exercise, your cat can have a huge 55 lbs body. British Longhair cat breed loves to eat. British Longhair cat has a generally calm character. It is curious but lazy. These cats identify their safe areas and do not want to go out of these areas. It takes its place among social cat species as they like to be intertwined with humans. If you pay attention to food, you will not have any problems with this type. Because they are sensitive about food and our advice to those who want to adopt this breed is always to have their meals prepared at the same time. Otherwise, it will be an attitude that they deserve to be offended just like your child or spouse. Regular care is important at short intervals due to the length and density of British Longhair cats’ hairs.

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