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History of British Shorthair Cat Breed

British Shorthair cat breed is a British cat breed. British Shorthair cats are almost the pupil of those who want to own a cat with their beauty and honey color eyes. When we look at the origin of this cat breed, it was first produced in the 1870s as a result of the mating of wild cats, brought to England during the Roman invasion. However, when World War II broke out, the British Shorthair breed was almost at risk of extinction.

However, precisely at this point, the British Shorthair breed was prevented from being extinction by the Blue Russian, Burmese, Persians and British cat breeds by people who are very fond of this breed. British Shorthair cats, which have a very long history, have been produced in England since the Victorian period.

During this period, the British Shorthair breed, which was produced especially for pest control, was seen in almost every house in England. These cats, which soon became an indicator of prestige among the people, also began to appear in beauty contests and cat shows. The British Shorthair breed suffered great damage, especially after both world wars. These cat species, whose numbers have declined very much, have been reproduced with the special effort of the state.

Features of British Shorthair Cat Breed

British Shorthair is one of the most popular cat species in the world with its pure British breed. British Shorthair, which is able to remain loyal to its owners with its cute, gentle and benign personalities, is known to be a complete domestic cat. It is a noble-looking and leader-spirited cat, which is appreciated by everyone with its appearance.

These cat species are very intelligent and docile. British Shorthair cats can stay alone at home and have no mischief in this process of loneliness. These cat species have very good relationships with family members, especially children. British Shorthair cats, which are quite calm, are actually very playful and active, although they seem lazy. They are tied to their owners by a bond. Since the hair of British Shorthair cats is single-layered, hair loss is very rare. With this feature, British Shorthair cat breed need very little hair care.

They get along very well with other breeds of cats and other animals. The female British Shorthair cats, which generally give birth to three or four puppies in a womb, are very caring, careful and enjoying their time with their kittens. British Shorthair puppies are also very happy with their mother’s interest and likewise very attached to their mother. Puppies of British Shorthair cats are very energetic, mobile and friendly.

They are open to education. After leaving their mothers, they are connected to their owners and can form very deep bonds with them. Puppy British Shorthair cats start their lives as very sweet and plump cats, but they have late maturation processes. The body structures of British Shorthair cats, which take a long time to mature, may take up to five years to fully sit. The lives of these late-maturing beautiful cats are also long.

It is a healthy cat breed and generally has a twenty-year life span. The British Shorthair cat, taken when it is a puppy, can have a happy and long life with its owners. Also individuals who have a British Shorthair cat will meet with a very friendly, loving and caring mother if they want to mate their cats. The most striking feature of the British Shorthair cat breed is that it is among the most harmless among cat breeds.

These cats, who are afraid of harming the environment, can be left alone in the home. British Shorthair is one of the most suitable cat types for domestication with its feature of being a positive cat, and it is also known as the choice of families with children.

Personality of British Shorthair Cat Breed

British Shorthair cats are generally known for their calm, lethargic and low-energy attitudes. British Shorthair, which has a very warm blooded personality with its loving nature, is very happy to be in touch with people. This aspect pushes its to always be trained. British Shorthair cat, which enjoys exploring new places besides its curious personalities, is known to not go out of the areas that are more confident. In addition, this type of cat has a very sensitive personality in food. It always says that the meal should not be interrupted by the owner at the same time. British Shorthair cats, with their clever personality, take great pleasure in being involved in everything that happens in and around family members. It is known that this situation has greatly improved it in its tendency to learn new things.

British Shorthair cats, which are very professional in comfort, are said to enjoy great pleasure from resting, sleeping and breathing for hours on a bed. However, it is recommended to play games at intervals in order not to cause an unhealthy body structure, since they have bodies suitable for weight gain. These cats want to be close to their owners, they want to sit next to them in the house and sit on their owners’ laps. They are very calm against children and dogs, they are always in harmony with them, they do not like to carry on the lap. They are happy with their owners, they are also happy when they are alone at home, that is, they are not cats that constantly seek attention. Although this cat breed is quite active and playful in childhood, it gets calmer as you get older.

British Shorthair, a personality structure and a mature breed of cat; They adapt very well to the lifestyle of families, especially middle-aged people with a quiet life. British Shorthair cats, which draw attention with their calm attitudes, are a type of cat with high energy tendency.

Physical Properties of British Shorthair Cat Breed

The British Shorthair cat is known as one of the most adorable cat species in the world with its appearance resembling a teddy bear. These cats, which are generally a little overweight, have a round face and a fairly large eyes structure. They have a very healthy structure.

These cats have a very strong and noble structure as a standing structure. Especially the gentle and sincere looks that make the British Shorthair cat loving, and the people around its admire its. What makes these cats cute is their bone structure and being slightly chubby. They have a strong head and jaw structure. These cats have distinct whiskers.

In addition to being known for its full cheeks, British Shorthair is a medium-sized cat with short hairs, large shoulder, short and strong legs. British Shorthair cat, which has different colors and shades, is generally seen as white (eyes orange or blue), black (eyes orange), blue (eyes orange), lilac (eyes orange), cream (eyes orange), cinnamon (eyes orange). Purebred British Shorthair cats have a soft tone. This breed, which has a very cute meow, also establishes a good bond with its owner. Older British Shorthair cat species, acting is almost completely lost.

The British Shorthair cat has shades like dense and soft in blue tones. The ears of these cats are quite large and they has geometric shape large head structures that resemble the world. It usually has golden yellow eyes, wide and round eye lines. Also these cats can get various eye diseases such as frequent eye discharge. British Shorthair cats, which have a strong and muscular body, have a very imposing chest structure, medium-sized legs and rounded giant paws compared to other cats. The sizes and weight of the British Shorthair cat breed vary according to gender. In male British Shorthair cats, the weight ranging from 5 kilograms to 10 kilograms is seen between 3.5 and 6.5 kilograms in female British Shorthair cats.

Their tails have thin and dense hairs in proportion to their bodies. The body structures of male cats in these breeds are very large and muscular compared to female cats. Differences not found in other breeds exist in male and female British Shorthair cats.

Hair Care of British Shorthair Cat Breed

Generally, cats are known as animals whose moult too much. However, the hair of the British Shorthair cat breed is different from other cats. British Shorthair; it is a short haired cat and its hairs are single layered. These single-layered hairs do not have a fracture, so they do not require frequent care.

It is enough to brush the hair of British Shorthair cats once or twice a week. Although these cats have short hairs, they have a tight hair structure. It feels velvety soft when touched. Although their hairs are generally in shades of gray, there are also British Shorthair cats in different colors. Its tail is medium length and wide.

Its short hairs become more dense in the tail. For British Shorthair cats, bathing may rarely be required. In British Shorthair cats, regular care with a dense hair structure is very important. The frequent and short hair of this cat breed ensures that the hair is not tangled and knotted. Also, it is very easy to hair care for British Shorthair cats. Brushing and combing its feathers will be sufficient for the hair care of these cats. As a result of combing the hairs in cats, the dead hairs are collected and their fur is kept alive and shiny.

In this way, your cat’s blood circulation is accelerated and regulated. Your cat may be shy when it is combed for the first time. That’s why it’s important to start combing your cat’s hair from an early age. After a while, your cat will enjoy combing its hairs.

Nail Care of British Shorthair Cat Breed

Nail care in cats is an important issue both for your cat’s health and your family’s health. Cats with nail care feel healthier and more comfortable. You will also take precautions against nail problems. British Shorthair is the healthiest way to cut your cat’s nail on a weekly basis for your cat’s nail care.

It is also stated that British Shorthair cats’ nail care is a very important and sensitive issue. Cutting and caring for your cat’s nails regularly will be the most effective way against microbes. The nails of these cats grow quite quickly and always feel the need for scratching. Since scratching needs cannot be prevented, it is useful to cut the nails of cats. Also, the nails of these cats should be cut before getting too close to the pink tissue.

First of all, the index finger, which is the largest and easily removed nail, should be cut. Nail cutting should be done very quickly in one move and the cat should be loved and rewarded as if nothing had happened. Nail cutting can be done more easily while your cat is slightly sleepy. The back toenails of British Shorthair cats, like all cats, should not be cut. Because cats use it to hold their back nails. Cutting the back nails can cause the cat to fall from the balcony or the window. It is the cat’s front nails that already damage the items.

Therefore, it will be sufficient to cut only the front nails of your British Shorthair breed cat. It may also be useful to use a scratching board to prolong the cutting time of the front nails. Cats’ nails grow quite fast. For this reason, trying to cut the nails by frightening the cat makes it very difficult in subsequent attempts. Nails should be trimmed regularly with a suitable nail clipper made for cats. At the same time, a scratching board suitable for your cat should be presented to the cat in the kittens that are cared for at home from the time of fry and get used to it. Thus, your cat’s nail care becomes easier.

Dental Care of British Shorthair Cat Breed

As with all cats, dental care for British Shorthair cats is a very important issue. The food that your cat eats can cause bad breath. This situation can disturb both your cat and you. To avoid this discomfort, you should regularly brush your British Shorthair cat’s teeth. Thus, your cat’s teeth become healthier and free from bad odors.

However, these irritating odors from your cat’s breath may occasionally indicate a dental disease. The bacteria that trigger dental ailments are the same as bacteria that can circulate through your cat’s immune system and cause lung, heart or kidney problems. Keeping your cat’s mouth and teeth healthy is as simple as regular veterinary check-ups or brushing teeth at home according to your preference. It is possible to add years to your life by protecting your cat’s mouth and teeth health with a few simple steps.

The British Shorthair cat breed is very tame but these cats can be cranky during dental care. You can try several different methods to make your cat feel comfortable during dental cleaning. Of course, first of all, you will need to purchase a toothbrush specially designed for cats from the veterinary clinic. Such toothbrushes are usually small, soft and flexible. In addition to the toothbrush, you will also need a toothpaste made for cats. There are many types of toothbrushes and toothpastes produced for cats, but you should choose the one that best suits your British Shorthair cat.

Under no circumstances should you try to brush your cat’s teeth with toothpastes made for people, because they contain chemicals that can seriously damage your cat’s digestive system. After choosing the right toothbrush and toothpaste for your British Shorthair cat, you can proceed to brushing your cat’s teeth. First, put your cat on your lap and let it relax. Once your cat is relaxed and settled, gently lift its lip from one side of its mouth and start brushing the outside of its teeth.

The important thing here is that you are always brushing downwards from your cat’s gums, so that it is possible for your cat to reach the food residues between them and remove them by mouth. When cleaning your cat’s lower jaw, you need to brush upwards from the gum. To do this, you may need to press your cat on both cheeks to open its mouth completely.

Since the taste and smell of many toothpastes are close to the taste and smell of cat food, your British Shorthair will also be easy for your cat to open its mouth for tooth cleaning. Continue brushing until you are sure you have brushed all of your cat’s teeth. You do not need to rinse your cat’s mouth with water or any liquid after tooth brushing is completed, as toothpastes made for cats are designed to be eaten and contain no chemicals.

It is best to brush your cat’s teeth every day to keep its mouth clean and healthy, but even if you do this several times a week, you will significantly prevent bacteria from accumulating. Also, it will be easier for you to accustom your young British Shorthair cat to dental cleaning at a young age. On this occasion, you will allow your cat to adapt quickly to the process and prevent tooth ailments that may occur in maturity.

If your cat refuses to sit on your lap for brushing its teeth, you may have to wrap it in a towel like a pancake and clean your cat’s teeth in this way. However, such forced movements are hardly recommended in adult British Shorthair cats. If wrapping on a towel does not work, try spreading the process over several days by brushing a few teeth of your cat at each sitting. Brushing your cat’s teeth is one of the most important ways to keep its happy, peaceful and healthy for it. Cats who receive regular dental care are very unlikely to experience oral and dental problems as the age gets older. However, it is also useful to clean your cat’s teeth under veterinary control even once a year.

Best Cat Litter for British Shorthair Cat Breed

If you have a British Shorthair breed cat or cats, then the choice of cat litter is probably one of the points you pay attention to when buying materials. Although it seems easy to choose between cat litter in the first place, it can become a difficult choice when you don’t know exactly what you want and can’t decide which sand will be the best for your cat. Cat litter is divided into two groups. These are called Bentonite cat litter and Silica cat litter.

Bentonite Cat Litter: As can be understood from its name, bentonite cat litters, which are produced from a special material called bentonite, are composed of clays that are thin as sand grain. Bentonite cat litter, which are successful in clumping and turn into a large powder upon contact with liquid, have a light gray-beige color.

Silica Cat Litter: Silica sands are produced from a material called silica, as you can see from its name. Silica cat litter has a structure similar to small diamond grains rather than sand particles; that is, it is coarser than bentonite cat litter. Some of the silica sands also contain small blue particles for smell.

After examining the characteristic and physical properties of both cat litter, it is time to compare the two. After examining this comparison, you can decide which cat litter is best for you and your British Shorthair cat. Silica cat litter is more successful than bentonite cat litter in trapping and not spreading the smell. Silica cat litter almost never clumps. Liquid waste left by your cat on silica sand stays on the sand as it is, causing only sand to turn yellow.

On the other hand, bentonite sand has the feature of direct caking and hardening, especially depending on the quality of the cat litter brand. Thus, it becomes much easier and practical to clean the waste sand inside the cat toilet. Since Bentonite cat litter is made up of fine-grained clay, it can create dust around it, especially when the package is first opened and poured into the toilet. This dusting can occur in every grub of your cat when the sand brand you choose is not quality and reliable. There is no risk of such dust in silica sands.

Experts and veterinarians emphasize that bentonite sands are a healthier choice for your cat than silica sands. In addition, since it clumps and traps bacteria into its hard structure, bentonite sands provide higher hygiene than silica sands. Both cat litter have different properties. However, you should not choose according to the characteristics of the cat litter, but according to which cat litter your British Shorthair cat is more comfortable.

In order to find out which cat litter your cat is more comfortable with, you can get the trial packages of two kinds of cat litter at first. With this trial method, you can easily understand which type of cat litter your British Shorthair breed cat loves.

Nutrition of the British Shorthair Cat Breed

Foods to be taken according to this cat breed, dry food types with high vitamin content, which will prevent hair loss and improve health, should be preferred. Canned food is less preferred for British Shorthair cats. In particular, these cat species should be determined by the veterinarian by following their progress, and their food options should be determined. In order to maximize the vital activity of British Shorthair cats, it is important to always feed kittens and adult cats with quality cat food.

During the period from infancy to old age, British Shorthair cat is recommended to be fed with proper nutrition and age-appropriate food consumption. Cats are unique and have different nutritional requirements than humans. Meat consumption, like all cat breeds, has an important place in the British Shorthair cat breed. For this reason, only Taurine and other essential nutrients should be present in your cat’s daily diet. Kittens lose their ability to digest milk after weaning.

Therefore, contrary to popular belief, cats should not be given cows or other animal milk. The digestive systems of cats cannot process dairy products, resulting in digestive discomfort or diarrhea. Therefore, it will not be healthy to feed your British Shorthair cat with milk and dairy products. Some foods that we consume in daily life can be quite toxic and dangerous for cats. You should pay attention to what these foods are and make sure your cat avoids them.

Some of these foods are:

  • Chocolate
  • Grape
  • Raisins
  • Caffeine
  • Onion
  • Garlic

If your cat consumes any of these, please contact the veterinarian immediately.

Health Status of British Shorthair Cat Breed

British Shorthair cat breed is known as a very healthy cat type due to its structure. This species, known for its pure race, is said to have an average of 14 to 20 years of life with proper care and proper nutrition. Regular vaccination should be carried out under the control of a veterinarian in order to keep the immune system strong and protect against germs and parasites British Shorthair cats like all other cat breeds.

If you have decided to adopt a British Shorthair cat, it is important that you know about some potentially hereditary diseases of this loving little friend. Generally, cat diseases that can be found in British Shorthair type; there are polystic kidney disease and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It is said that it will be more accurate to carry out DNA tests by breeders of British Shorthair cats against these diseases and to take a medical examination under the control of verteriner physician by the owner. Also, the restlessness you notice in your cat can be a harbinger of another disease. For this reason, do not disrupt your cat’s medical examinations.

It is best to contact specialists to find out the reasons for the changes you noticed in your cat. In addition, regular and clean care is very important for a healthy British Shorthair cat. To protect your cat against microbes, you should be very careful about the cleanliness of both your home and your cat. In addition, British Shorthair cats tend to gain weight. Therefore, attention should be paid to the healthy and adequate nutrition of these cats.

Excess weight can negatively affect your cat’s health. So that you should follow your cat’s weight control. It is also useful to wash your cat’s toys with water or vinegar to protect your British Shorthair cat against microbes. Because your cat is constantly intertwined with its toys. Your cat licks its toys or licks its paw after playing with its paw. If you do not pay attention to the cleanliness of these toys, your cat may get infected. However, be careful not to clean your cat’s toys with chemical cleaning products such as detergent. Because the detergent may not be completely free from your cat’s toys and your cat may be exposed to chemicals when it licks the toy.

Another point you should be aware of for your cat’s health is to clean the sand regularly. If you are negligent about changing your cat’s sand, your cat will prefer cleaner places instead of sand to make the pee or poop. This is not good for the hygiene of your cat and your home. Your cat may get a urinary tract infection from the places it deems clean.

British Shorthair Cat Communication with Children and Other Pets


British Shorthair cat is said to be an excellent choice for families with children with its loving looks and harmonious attitudes. British Shorthair cat which can get along very well with young children, is known to enjoy spending time with them and playing games.

However, it will be the best choice for very young children and the British Shorthair cat to stay alone under parental control. Your cat may not realize that your baby is still young, and therefore may harm your baby while trying to play with it. The British Shorthair cat is known to get along quite well with other pets as well as children.

It is said by the breeders that they can make friendships with different types of cats, and also provide good approaches with dogs. It will also be better not to be left alone in the first encounter of the British Shorthair cat with other pets.

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