Burmese Cat

Burmese; a Playful and Clever Friend

Burmese is a domestic cat breed which is originating in far-east region, from Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). It is believed that first Burmese cat was born in USA after mating of a cat brought from Myanmar to USA and one American Siamese. Today, there is a binary classification consisting British Burmese and American Siamese, depending on some minor differences. Burmese cats are talkative, they like to make some specific voices which are not so common in cats.


Although nowadays they may appear in different coloured hair, originally Burmese cats are known with their dark brown hair. Their name in Thai language is “Supphalak” which means “copper colour”. Their short and satine-like hair give them a glossy outlook. They have middle sized bodies with long legs, relatively big ears and green or gold eyes. As they have durable bones, they may be heavier than they look.


Burmese are energetic, playful and joyful cats. With their people-oriented behaviour, they tend to have strong connections with their owners and they are adaptive. Regarding their inclination to feel connected to their owners, they are not the ideal cat breed to be left alone at home. As they may have naughty habits, owners have to be careful about the objects to be harmed by them. Since they are clever cats, they are good friends to play and to be trained, especially if they are rewarded. They generally like socializing with other Burmese’s rather than other breeds or pets.

How to Care

A Burmese cat doesn’t have a specific issue about caring. General cat caring issues will be enough. Especially the British sub-class of Burmese cats may have higher risk of eye diseases and diabetes hereditary. By taking care about these health risks; loving, petting and letting her to play will make them live as long as possible.

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