Burmilla Cat

Burmilla Cat Breed Information

Burmilla Cat 

Burmilla is known to be a new breed of cats, firstly formed by accidental mating of Persian and Burmese cats in England in 1981. Burmilla, which is also considered as another type of Burmese breed, is also called Silver Burmese. Burmilla, which has the feature of being a magnificent cat breed with the gene from the Burmese cat and the long hair gene from the Persian cat, is known to be considered a cat breed in 1989.

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Characteristic Features of Burmilla Cat Breed

Burmilla, which has a fascinating temperament, is considered as one of the favorite cat species of families with its rather cute, intelligent and energetic attitudes. Burmilla is known to have a sweet and friendly identity with its extroverted personality. Burmilla cat breed which are always in peace with their quiet, affectionate and gentle attitudes, is said to have a very sensitive personality in terms of comfort and convenience. These cats with its personality that enjoys great attention, always enjoys playing interactive games. This cat breed, which does not like being so lonely, will not be a suitable breed for families working in an intensive business pace.

Physical Appearance of Burmilla Cat Breed

Burmilla is known as a medium-sized cat breed with a silvery-white or ivory beige feather color that looks quite attractive. However, the original Burmilla breed is said to be in black-silver color. Burmilla cat is known to contain 20 different colors with black-brown, blue, chocolate, lilac and cream tones, with changes in the breed in the last 30 years. These cats has a furry, rounded ear structure, with its contrasting shade feathers. In addition, its tail is of medium length and completely covered with feather. The head structure has a very healthy appearance with its slightly rounded and large eyes, like European Burmese. Burmilla cat is a cat breed that needs to be care regularly with its fluffy hair structure. Burmilla cat is known to have no hereditary disease due to its healthy structure. It is known that the average life expectancy is up to 20 years depending on proper nutrition and suitable environmental environments.

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