Californian Spangled Cat

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Californian Spangled

The history of California Spangled cats, which has an interesting history, is based on the famous Hollywood screenwriter Arnold Casey Jr. During a trip to Africa, Casey begins to think about how beautiful a cat breed with this look can be, being influenced by the leopards tamed by humans. Working with Kenyan scientist Louis Leakey, whom she met during his travel, Casey is trying to breed a new breed by hybridizing the traditional Siamese cat and Ankara cat. In a short period of time, Casey brings a different color and image, adding British Shorthair cat genetics to the work, making California Spangled cats appear. In 1986, Casey tries to introduce this cat breed with the advertisements given to magazines, and eventually ensures that these cats are considered a breed. Despite prolonged reproduction efforts, today there are only around 200 California Spangled cats.

Physical Appearance of Californian Spangled Cat Breed

California Spangled cats can weigh between 11 and 15 lbs. Females are generally observed to be lighter. California Spangled is an athletic cat type due to its characteristics. Since it is hybrid, its feathers are extremely precious. They have a strong and sharp gaze. When it reaches somewhere, it gives a sculpture-like appearance. Their jaw bones are quite strong and firm. Their ears are medium in size and the ends are round. It has a hard and cold appearance from the outside. The shape of its eyes is reminiscent of almond and is mostly light in color. It is a medium-sized cat and its body structure is thin. Their front legs are more developed than their hind legs and they are muscular. Their tails are thick, plump, and long. Its short feathers resemble velvet due to its structure.

Characteristic Features of Californian Spangled Cat Breed

California Spangled is a very active cat breed due to its characteristics. As he has an athletic structure, he loves to run from there to there. Despite its wild appearance, California Spangled, which has a warm heart, also enjoys being in high places.

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