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Can You Live With a Cat if You are Allergic?

Can You Live ?

Can You Live With a Cat if You are Allergic?

Allergy can be a threat to the person, although it does not have any negative effects on some people and animals. The immune system sees these substances as enemies and engages in a “war” that should not be by producing excess antibodies. As a result, some reactions occur. That is why parasites, microorganisms or single-celled organisms, which will not be a threat to the health of our pets, can cause some health problems for us. The cat is one of the most decisive pets among these animals.

If You Have Allergies You Must Be Careful

If you experience swelling, chronic cough, itching, frequent sneezing and shortness of breath in the body, it means that your cats are now a threat for you. If your cats pose a risk to you, you can move away from them according to the frequency of the symptoms or completely remove them from your life! Yes, it may not be as simple as it is said, but there is not much to do and sometimes this path is followed when it is left without choice.

So Is There Any Solution?

Today, thanks to some vaccine and other drug solutions, many people with allergies can continue to live with their cats, caress, kiss them, and even sleep with them. You can get detailed information about the vaccination required by contacting the health institutions providing this service. However, if we talk about it superficially; Some subcutaneous vaccines prevent the increase of your allergy provided that they are administered in certain periods and may cause antibodies to react a little later in such cases.
With the vaccine to be given to people with cat allergies, tolerance to cat allergy and strengthening of the immune system occur and such problems are reduced to a minimum.

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