Cat Psychology

Cat Psychology

Sharing a house with a cat becomes something different from living with a cat over time. He is now your child, your friend, your family. And it’s more likely that you’re sick or sick or anything else.All of the emotions we are talking about are actually mutual. So when you look into your cat’s eyes to make him look good, he wants you to be good. So that if you get depressed; he gets depressed with you. Cats feel the mood of their owners. Cat Psychology is not that simple, of course. Cats, like us, can get depressed for various reasons and try to make their voices heard with many signs, even though they cannot talk about their feelings.

That’s why we wanted to share some basic things you need to know about cat psychology. Cats are disrupted causing psychology. Here are the symptoms: If your cat is shy in a different way than usual, if he is afraid of you…He licks himself too much or never cleanses himself, if he doesn’t lick… If you find it hard to find him inside the house and he’s always hiding somewhere … If she eats excessive food, vomits or never eats an appetite… If he starts to show a behavior disorder like licking around…

Excessive shedding feather If you see serious changes in toilet habit… Your Of course, these symptoms do not necessarily indicate that your cat is depressed. The best way to understand this is to know it and observe it correctly.

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