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How to prevent cats from getting on the counter?

Cats can be very active, especially during the first possession. So much so that he may want to climb and climb anywhere he sees. At the beginning of these may be counters. In general, it can be a problem for cats to climb onto the stalls indigenously. This can be a huge problem, especially when trying to cook or clean in the kitchen.

Adhesive Tape To The Edge Of The Counter

One of the most accurate methods you can apply for this is to add adhesive tape across the counter. From the first part of the kitchen counter to the last part, stick a tape that will not damage your cat’s skin. This situation will disturb your cat after a while, and thanks to this training, your cat will no longer be on the counter again. In fact, looking at the peculiarity of cats, he hates sticky materials. That’s why you can seriously consider this tape business.

Eliminate Assisted Items

If it goes to the counter with the help of a chair or a table, you can bring it to different angles and prevent your cat from getting out on the bench with the help of it. In this way, even if your cat wants it anyway, it will not be able to achieve it and will give up after a while.

Keep Your Countertop Clean

If your cat cannot find anything appealing on the counter, if it doesn’t find anything to get more accurate attention, then it will definitely not resort to it, even if you want it already. Situations such as food, bread crumbs, food crumbs will attract your cat.

Check for Stressfulness

If your cat has any stress, then he will want to go to the counter. That’s why you have to avoid this. That is, you need to get support from the veterinarian so that he can get rid of the source of stress and get rid of it as soon as possible. Perhaps the source of this stress can be much heavier. You have to eliminate this so that all this training is useful.

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