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Cat Training

Cat Training

Cat Training

“When dealing with cats, you must be very patient, caring and realistic …”

It is said that cats cannot be educated and refuse to be educated. You cannot train cats to obey, attack or search and rescue. Cat training, however, can be in the form of blocking some of the movements we do not want to do. And this training with our commanding friends may not always yield successful results.

The reason that cats seem untrained is that they make the final decision on the subjects in which they are trained. Since there are not many animals like cats, people or dogs, they act only according to their needs and desires.When dealing with cats you need to be extremely patient, caring and realistic. If your cat doesn’t meet your expectations, you can get nothing by getting angry at her, trying to get her to do what you want.

It would be a mistake to expect your cat to change behavior to accommodate you. If your cat does things you don’t want, don’t punish her. The punishment will not provide any assistance to the training or cause your cat to cool you down. If you frown instead of punishing him, say harshly no, he will receive the necessary message. Cats don’t like shouts, loud and sudden noises. When your cat does something you don’t want, warn him with a soft tone. The trick is to find out what motivates your cat and reward your cat with this motivation.

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