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Causes of Stress in Cats?

Causes of Stress in Cats?

Causes of Stress in Cats?

The possible factors that cause your cat to get stressed may be due to the people and the environment with which he / she is in a relationship, but the stress experienced by the cat is largely related to his own species.If your cat shares the same environment, resources, and cats that he can’t get along with, and if he lives in a place with a high cat population, it could turn into an endless nightmare for him.

Unfortunately, some cat owners may involuntarily play a role in increasing the stress level of their cats. Some cat owners are more physically rude to cats than they expect. Others often show inconsistent approaches that cats often cannot decide how to respond.Your cat’s environment may seem like the last thing you need to think about when evaluating issues related to caring because people; it tends to think that it is the most important thing to ensure and love the safety of pets. However, examples such as being closed indoors, being bored, restricting access to hiding areas or toilet bowls can create a lot of stress in cats.

Cats protect themselves, conduct risk assessments on a continuous basis, and investigate threats and hazards in every new location or social encounter. For this reason, they feel safe when their lives consist of consistent habits, for them a certain level of predictability and the environment that they know is safe. Being predictable in your behavior and creating daily routines can greatly relieve stress.

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