Chartreux Cat

Chartreux Cat Breed Information

Smiling Cat, Chartreux

Chartreux, well known French cat breed with its so called smiling face, is one of the oldest cat breed on earth. The oldest document mentioning the name of this breed is a poet which is written in 16th century. In those years, they were most famous rat hunters. Since then, Chartreux became more and more popular.


Chartreux is a middle sized cat with gray or blue-gray hair. Their hair is mostly short and thick. They have big and always erected ears, big gold or copper-gold coloured eyes. Males are generally bigger than females and both of them strong and healthy bodies. They are calm creatures, most significant characteristic of this breed is their silence. They are one of the quietest cat breeds, they meow very rarely, some of them even don’t meow. These features give them a noble stance.


As they are calm and disciplined cats, Chartreux breed is very suitable to live in apartments and to live in houses with children. They become good friends with kids. They are definitely lap cats, they like to be physically in contact with people and follow them. They are social cats and become good friends with other cats, dogs and people. Of course we should always remember that every cat is unique and may have different behaviours.

How to Care

Dry cat food and canned food will be very pleasing for them. Caring for these cats is not so difficult, mostly general cat care rules are enough for Chartreux cats. As they don’t like to be combed so often, rare combing will be sufficient. An important issue for their health; as they are not highly energetic and active cats, this may cause some health problems including serious fatal diseases. To understand and prevent such risks, owners should follow their health and behaviours carefully.

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