Chausie Cat

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Chausie Cat

Chausie cat was first born in 1990. After this time, the cat breeders focused on producing a “wild” looking cat with a kind, calm and compassionate nature. Chausie cat breed was awarded Championship status by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 2013, but has not yet been recognized by the Cat Fancy (GCCF) Board. The genus name “Chausie” is derived from the Latin name of Jungle Cat, the felis chaus, and since these large, handsome cats first appeared, they have found a fan base in many countries around the world, including the UK.

Physical Appearance of Chausie Cat Breed

Chausie was first born in France with the merging of a domestic cat and a Forest Cat. The goal was to create a kind, compassionate, domestic cat that has the characteristics and physical characteristics of a Forest Cat. The cat breeders managed to produce large, handsome cats, boasting gentle and pointed nature animals, and since the breed first appeared, breeders in other countries of the world have begun to produce healthy specimens of Chausie cats. Chausie cat was produced to preserve the physical characteristics of a Jungle Cat. They are medium to large with long legs and trunks. Their heads are wedge-shaped and, when viewed from the front, they have a nice width with their beautiful long cheekbones. Chausie Cat has small and medium-sized eyes, the lower half of which is oval and the ears are inclined to the outer sole.

Characteristic Features of Chausie Cat Breed

Like other breeds, the Chausie cat loves routine and does not like it when something changes for any reason. They like to be fed at the same time every day. They grow in crowded environments and do not like to be alone for a long time. They form extremely strong ties with their owners. Chausie cat is a very smart cat breed. The learning capacities of these cats are both very large and very fast. It is a good choice for families with children.

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