Cornish Rex Cat

Cornish Rex Cat

Drawing attention with its triangular face and stray cat appearance, Cornish Rex Cat is truly a wonderful and noble pet cat. Cornish Rex Cat, one of the most preferred and owned cat types recently, is a truly gorgeous cat with its black and white colored feathers and facial expressions. These cats generally live between the ages of 15 and 19 and they bite at least 6 kittens at once. Generally, their weight is between 3-5 kilograms. They are known for their devotion to their offspring. Although they are not very aggressive, they can become a huge aggressor when they see a threat to their children.

Cornish Rex Cat Breed Information

Cornish Rex Cat, a hybrid breed of Devon Rex and Cornwall, is a breed of US and UK origin. This animal has recently been paired with Irish cats, attempting to build third-generation hybrid breeds. It is preferred as one of the most suitable cats to be fertilized among cat breeds due to its very mating abilities. Of course, in addition to this, having cute and domestic animals also causes this.

Personality of Cornish Rex Cat Breed

This kind of cat, which is very cute and fond of its owner, is one of the most preferred cats of recent times. These cats, who are very loyal to their owner, never even eat, except that they are not hungry to die. This race is also very suitable for education. Cornish Rex Cat is a breed of cat whose training is completed as soon as possible. Although they usually live alone, they can also live with dogs.

History of Cornish Rex Cat Breed

Cornish Rex Cat, a hybrid breed of Devon Rex and Cornwall, was hybridized for the first time in 1950. However, due to the fact that it is based in the USA, they were generally among the USA-origin dogs.

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