Cymric Cat

Cymric Cat Breed Information

Cymric Cat 

Cymric has a very interesting body structure compared to other cat breeds. Its most prominent feature is that it has no tail. This very interesting situation has created controversy that the ancestor of the Cymric cat is rabbits. However, this situation is only a joke and it is thought that the Cymric cat is caused by the mating of Shorthair and Manx cats. Cymric cat that has occurred as a result of the genetic mutation is considered to be a rather old cat species. However, some associations claim that the Cymric cat is the longhaired version of the Manx cat. However, it is known that it was accepted as a cat type in 1994 by Cat Association and other cat associations.

Physical Appearance of Cymric Cat Breed

The Cymric cat is known for not having a tail. This situation sometimes causes its to be nicknamed as a rabbit. However, it is seen that this breed has a tail in some breeds. It is known that the Cymric cat, born without a tail, is called rumpy. The Cymric cat, which has a very cute face with its round head structure, big eyes, is among the medium-sized cat species with its wide body and short back structure. It is said that with its protruding rib, the hind legs are longer than the front legs. In addition, the Cymric cat, with its very silky hair structure, is generally seen with chocolate, lavender and patterned hair.

Characteristic Features of Cymric Cat Breed

Cymric cat, which has very fast reflexes, is always happy to stay active with its energetic personality. In addition to its energetic personality, the Cymric cat, which is also calm, is said to have a sensitive and loving nature to its environment. Usually preferring to be on owner’s lap, the Cymric cat likes to mutter quietly at all times.


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