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The Cyprus cat is thought to be one of the oldest breeds on the planet, and it has its remains found by archaeologists in a Neolithic area dating back 4000 years.

Cyprus Cat

Cyprus Cat is an ancient cat that is thought to have come to Cyprus by the Egyptians, so this cat breed shares many features of the Egyptian breeds. These has two types, short-haired and long-haired. Cyprus Longhair cats shed a lot of hair.

Cyprus Cat
Cyprus Cat

Characteristic Features of This Cat Breed

The loving, loyal, social and curious Cyprus cat breed establishes strong ties with their families and does not like to be involved in everything around them. Making them a perfect pet for people who want to share their home with a comfortable and peaceful cat friend. They love to sit on the lap of their owners. These cats examine the surroundings very carefully.

They also like to follow their owners so they can control what they’re doing. Which is another of their favorite features. They can easily catch this breeds, pests, or mice, whose hunting skills are highly developed. They love to discover the differences on the outside, but these cats should be allowed to wander outside if they are sure they are safe to go out alone.

Information Regarding the Cyprus Cat Population

The island of Cyprus has one of the most interesting and unique cat populations in the world. About 485 miles (773km) west of Cyprus, situated in the Mediterranean sea off the west coast of Greece, is the tiny island cluster of the Cyclades. These small islands are home to the world’s smallest known breeds of feline – the Cypriot cat.

Cyprus Cat
Baby Cyprus Cat

These cats belong to a family of cats called the Cappuccino breed which was first brought to this part of the world by Count Dracula who desired a source of meat for his army. It is believed that these cats were brought to Cyprus by British servicemen during World War II who had mistreated and neglected the cat colonies on the islands.

Cyprus also has a thriving small animal industry, with many exotic animals being bought and sold as pets. Inevitably, given the size of the Cyprus cat population, and the extent of habitat they require, the island has a little over four thousand cats; although these numbers are frequently updated and much debated. Some people feel that the cat population on the main island is too great and that there is simply not enough room.

Cyprus is a small country in the Mediterranean Sea and its territory is bordered on two sides by the Mediterranean and on the other two sides by the Pelvic and Atlantic Ocean. The weather in Cyprus is hot and humid from June to September, with rainfall mainly in the southwestern corner of the island in the months of February and March.

Physical Appearance of Cyprus Cat Breed

The Cyprus cat is an elegant cat resembling the Cyprus Longhair cat. This cat breed is large cats weighing 15 lbs and more. They have strong looks with large, muscular bodies and long backs. In addition, Cyprus cats‘ necks are very tall.

They have beautiful almond-shaped eyes, which can be of various colors. Their feathers can also be of various colors, and they can be band-shaped. The short-haired and long-haired Cypriot cat is known as too strong and healthy cats, as it is not produced by man. Cyprus cats can live more than 15 years due to regular feeding.

Summers are rainy and the climate in Cyprus is moderate with hot summers and mild winters. In Cyprus cat, as in many other countries, there are two official languages, English and Maltese. It is a country that prides itself on its multicultural heritage and many non-Cyprusans live along its coast. Contributing to the local population of Cyprus being predominantly Christian.

Cyprus Cat
Cyprus Cats

Cyprus cats, also called Cypriot cats or Saint Helen cats, are an exotic landrace of feline domestication found throughout the vast island of Cyprus. Long known for their intelligence and sociability, Cyprus cats are said to have lived alongside early humans. There is evidence that Cyprus cats were in fact domesticated by Neolithic men.

The World of Cyprus Cat Breeds

As a result, it is not clear how Cyprus was colonized by ancient men. Archaeological evidence discovered in the caves of Cyprus attests to the fact that Neolithic man built houses and settlements on the slopes of the Troodos River in order to construct farms and give them food. From these settlements, cattle, sheep, and pigs were taken to the heights of Mount Taurus. To be used for milk and meat.

Cyprus cat breeds were therefore created to help raise cattle and sheep. Between the ages of twelve and twenty-four, archeologists found remains dating from the time of the Bronze Age in what is known as the Old Stone Age on Cyprus island, which was written about in the ancient works of Homer, one of the most famous epics of all time.

Through archaeological finds, experts have been able to date back the existence of Cyprus cat breeds to nearly four thousand years ago. During this period, Cyprus had been a major trading hub and many peoples from across the Middle East settled here. With trade booming, the land started to develop and as it did, so did the demand for new breeds of cat.

The first Cypriot cat was a descendent of the Egyptians and it looked very similar to the modern day lap cat. However, as the centuries passed and trade increased, the Cyprus cat breed came into being. The colorpoint of the cyprus cat is a result of natural selection. Throughout the different generations, the color of the coat varied but always remained white.

Cyprus Cat
Tired Cyprus Cat

Bypes Bf Cyprus Cat Bat Breeds

Today, you can find a number of pets in the colorpoint category, including blue point, black point, blue point, chocolate point and the tortoiseshell point. In looking for a pet cat for sale, you will find that there are a number of different types of felines to choose from, including the American Short hair, the Persian Cat, the British Short hair and the Cyprus cat.

All of these types have their own unique characteristics and are suitable for all households irrespective of size. You should be aware of the exact needs of your family before selecting any one of these pets from the cyprus cat variety.

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