Cyprus Cat

Cyprus Cat

The Cyprus cat is thought to be one of the oldest breeds on the planet, and it has its remains found by archaeologists in a Neolithic area dating back 4000 years. These ancient cats are thought to have come to Cyprus by the Egyptians, so this cat breed shares many features of the Egyptian breeds. Cyprus cat has two types, short-haired and long-haired. Cyprus Longhait cats shed a lot of hair.

Physical Appearance of Cyprus Cat Breed

The Cyprus cat is an elegant cat resembling the Cyprus Longhair cat. This cat breed is large cats weighing 15 lbs and more. They have strong looks with large, muscular bodies and long backs. In addition, Cyprus cats’ neck are very tall. They have beautiful almond-shaped eyes, which can be of various colors. Their feathers can also be of various colors, and they can be band-shaped. The short-haired and long-haired Cypriot cat is known as too strong and healthy cats, as it is not produced by man. Cyprus cats can live more than 15 years due to regular feeding.

Characteristic Features of Cyprus Cat Breed

The loving, loyal, social and curious Cyprus cat breed establishes strong ties with their families and does not like to be involved in everything around them. They are not very active, making them a perfect pet for people who want to share their home with a comfortable and peaceful cat friend. They love to sit on the lap of their owners. These cats examine the surroundings very carefully. They also like to follow their owners so they can control what they’re doing, which is another of their favorite features. They can easily catch Cyprus cat breeds, pests or mice, whose hunting skills are highly developed. They love to discover the differences on the outside, but these cats should be allowed to wander outside if they are sure they are safe to go out alone.

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