Devon Rex Cat

Devon Rex Cat Breed Information

Devon Rex Cat

This cat breed, which appeared in Devon, England, in 1959, has a sibling breed named Cornish Rex. Although it has very close characteristics with Cornish Rex, Devon Rex cats, which differ in appearance and genetics, started to spread all over the world since 1968. Devon Rex cats, which went to the USA for the first time in these years, started to be officially recognized in 1979.

Physical Appearance of Devon Rex Cat Breed

Devon Rex cat breed is an amazing and amusingly cute cat with a cute look. The weight of this cat breed ranges from 5 to 10 lbs. Since Devon Rex cats are very suitable for gaining weight, they should definitely be fed a proper diet. One of the most interesting cat breeds, Devon Rex looks like an elf with its big eyes, cheekbones and upright ears. It is very popular with its appearance and character. This cat breed takes its place among curly fluffy feathers cats. However, since its feathers are very rare, it is similar to hairless cats. Their bodies are of medium size, their breasts are wide and their legs are strong. The front legs of the Devon Rex cat breed are slightly longer. The ears of the Devon Rex cat are large and triangular in proportion to their heads.

Characteristic Features of Devon Rex Cat Breed

Devon Rex cats love sleeping on their owners’ shoulders. These cats, who always want to be at face level, love to sit on your shoulder or spend time on the back of the seats while you sit. Devon Rex cats, who are interested in almost everything, have the ability to turn even the smallest item into play. These cats love to talk to them. Devon Rex cats, who feel very loyal to their owners and the people they live with, do not like to eat alone. Although the hair of the Devon Rex cats is very thin, it can be easily combed. It will be enough to comb once a week.

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