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Does My Cat Love Me? Hidden Signs to Observe in Cats

Does My Cat Love Me?

Does My Cat Love Me? Hidden Signs to Observe in Cats

All animals communicate with body language and your cat is not an exception. It’s in their nature and in case you know how to observe this language, your cat can tell you a lot more than you can imagine. In this article, we will provide some basics about cat communication to you will not have to ask does my cat love me anymore. For instance, in case your cat loves to follow you in the house, this means that he or she likes you and wants to spend more time with you. Of course, this following should not be only during the feeding time.

Does My Cat Really Love Me?

If your cat is hypnotizing you with the tail dance, this also means that he or she likes you. Your cat will swing her tail while in the upright position, vibrate it and bend the tip of the tail to show the admiration. This is called tail dance and it is only performed for special people. In addition to this, they usually continue with rubbing themselves on you. This is also a sign of respect and affection in cat communication. They will be leaving their scent on you and mark you as a part of the family.

How to Understand Whether My Cat Loves Me?

They also rub their face on your face. This is another sign of affection. Cats have hidden glands on their cheeks which can secrete their unique scent. As we mentioned before, when they mark you with their own scent, this means that you are a part of their family. Moreover, they also bring gifts to people they like. This may be a small piece of something valuable for your cat or something that your cat has never seen before. They want to share their discoveries with their families as an expression of love in cat communication.

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