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Ear Scabies and Treatment in Cats

How can you tell if your cat has ear mites?

Ear Scabies and Treatment in Cats

Ear scabs in cats can actually become a huge problem sometimes. Of course, it is perfectly normal for cats to have a superficial ear scab and a dirty ear is always considered normal unless there is inflammation of the inner ear. In addition, ear odor and external inflammation of the ear can be met normally if it is normal and negligible. However, some advanced scabies, as we have mentioned below, can cause huge health problems and cat moodiness. Here are Ear Scabies and Treatment in Cats …


Allergies can cause scabies in general, starting from the outer ears of cats, slowly progressing towards the interior. Powders, bacterial seeds, pollen, plants and insect larvae can cause allergies. This can cause excessive inflammation and smell of the ear.

Ear Chondritis

Chondritis, which is called outer ear inflammation, can be seen as excessive rubbing of the ear at later levels to trees or other items, although it is generally seen as the case of simply bringing hands to the ear. In order to eliminate such conditions, some drugs and solutions may be recommended by the veterinarian.

Dermatitis of the Ear

Some sensitive infections inside may cause allergic problems of the ear as well as some symptoms of scabies. Inactive ingredients can cause this. In such cases, the right solution can be provided by visiting the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Ear Hematomas

Sometimes fluid fillings can cause some ear of microorganisms to accumulate there. In order to prevent it from moving towards the inner ear, cleaning should be done with the help of a clean and damp cloth from outside to inside. For this, solutions recommended by the veterinarian can be used.

Immune Mediated Diseases

Diseases affecting some immune system can also be shown as one of the biggest causes of having ear scab. It is recommended to visit the veterinarian as soon as possible in all such cases.

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