Egyptian Mau Cat Breed Information

The fact that the first cat breed domesticated by the Egyptians was the Egyptian Mau cat is claimed by anthropologists and various specialists because when etymologically examined, Mau means cat in the Egyptian language

Egyptian Mau Cat

Since the beginning of humanity, cats are seen as companions and buddies to our lives by humans. Moreover, hieroglyphic descriptions of cats in Egypt show cats similar to the Egyptian Mau breed. Some feline lovers support the idea of Mau cats come from one of naturally spotted and naturally domesticated cat breeds.

Egyptian Mau Cat
Egyptian Mau Cat

Phy Appearance Of An Egyptian Mau Cat

Egyptian Mau cat is medium-sized, has short to medium-length fur colored silver, bronze or smoke with medium length tail. Their fur is very shiny yet their fur does not require a lot of grooming. Like its colourful fur, it has colorful eyes such as green and golden.

Its eyes are large and almond-shaped with its natural “mascara looking”. It has medium to large ears, which are usually alerted and pointed. Mau cats can be described as the closeness of a Burmese and nobility of a Siamese looking like American-bred Turkish Angoras. In its forehead, there is a mark shaped like an “M”.

This breed can live up to 12-16 years. Since its hinder legs are longer than its front legs, Maus can run up to 30 miles hourly. These cats are pretty athletic as they have qualified muscles. They love indoor and outdoor activities a lot!

Egyptian Mau Cat
Egyptian Mau Cats


Maus love to fetch and play games with their owners because their playfulness is on point. As Maus are highly smart and loving with their owners. They are in need of attention so do not forget to pet and praise them. Mau is a classy, emotional, and a little bit jealous animal as they overprotect their beloved ones, especially to their owners and children.

They love traveling as much as they love their homes. The Egyptian Mau cat cannot always prevent itself from jumping into the tub and a bucket full of water with its water-loving feature compared to other cats. As I mentioned before they are very friendly but you have to earn his/her highness’ love, loyalty and trust!

Egyptian Mau Cat
Baby Egyptian Mau Cat

Exotic Feline: The Egyptian Mau Spotted Cats

The Egyptian Mau cat is currently considered to be one of the most popular feline breeds in North America. This majestic feline was thought to be the oldest known cat ever domesticated by the ancient Egyptians over 4,100 years ago. But the ancient Egyptian man still has some unique characteristics that aren’t found in any other breeds today.

For example, its ancient pedigree notwithstanding, the Egyptian Mau was only shown in Europe before World War I, yet during that time, its numbers had been decimated by disease. Since the Egyptians were a seafaring people, they likely caught the disease from other animals they traded with and there is no evidence to suggest that they ever used any kind of vaccine against it.

Like most Egyptian Mau cats, the common color of this cat’s coat is black with brown eyes. The tip of its tail is also black in color. As a breed, this animal also has somewhat rounded ears, a long pointed nose, a tufted base, and a slightly wrinkled face. These features all contribute to the animal being one of the most beautiful domesticated cats ever.

Egyptian Mau Spotted Cats

The Egyptians used their beauty, charm, and elegance throughout the centuries to make them even more popular than ever. The Egyptian Mau cat is said to have high intellect and a highly intelligent personality. It is said to have good hearing and a sharp sense of smell which can be used to detect prey and its territory. They are also highly intelligent and possessive protectors who protect their own territory from other predators.

These felines are also said to be very devoted to their owner and extremely loyal. Owning such a cat requires a great deal of devotion and care as the animal is said to easily get bored or depressed if not cared for. A beautiful creature, the Egyptian Mau cat is said to resemble the characteristics of a bobcat. Though this is a popular and unique cat breed, it is still one of the few naturally spotted domestic cat breeds.

These felines are often compared to the Bobcat in that they are both highly intelligent and loyal. However, they are different from the Bobcat in the way that they are significantly smaller in size and weight. They are just as energetic and playful as the Bobcat but are much less noticeable in terms of their presence. The coat of this cat is usually darker than that of the Bobcat or the domestic cat known as the Bobcat.

Because of their naturally darker color, these cats have a harder time keeping themselves insulated as compared to their larger counterparts. They rely on their heat source more than other wild cats. Although they are warmer than other wild cats, their body shape makes them a poor choice for hunters. Their coarse hair requires extra care in terms of cleaning and brushing.

Egyptian Mau cat
Egyptian Mau Cat

About The Breeding of The Egyptian Mau Cat Breed:

In terms of health, this feline is a healthy animal that has a relatively high reproductive rate. They are sometimes prone to disease due to their water reliance. In the wild, they prey on small animals, including birds, rodents, fish, and even insects.

You might find an Egyptian Mau eating grass and leaves in its natural habitat, although it mostly eats wet food. Owing to their remarkable physical structure, these cats are typically larger than their domestic counterparts. However, because of their great strength, they are able to bring down smaller prey. Because of their physical attributes, they are able to climb trees and is able to jump up and glide.

The sleek body of the Egyptian Mau cat also helps it maneuver through tight spaces and its great agility allows them to flee from predators. Their long, wedge-shaped ears allow them to hear their prey even at great distances, making them one of the most hearing domestic cats. If you want to own an exotic pet that is both stunningly beautiful and adventurous, then the Egyptian Mau cat may be right for you.

Although it is critically endangered, it is believed to be breeding in the wild in certain regions in Egypt. You may be able to help protect this beautiful feline if you buy it from an experienced breeder. Because it is so rare to come across, you might need to put in more money and time than others to acquire an Egyptian Mau. Other less rare spotting cats might also be an option.


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