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Eye Diseases in Cats

Eye Diseases in Cats

Eye diseases in cats can have some symptoms. One of the biggest of these symptoms is tear and burr. If your cat has eye diseases, you may need to go to the veterinarian and use eye drops to treat them. However, if there are some disregarded reasons below, you can also apply it carefully at home. One of these is the burr that occurs in eyes that do not blush. If your cat’s eye is burred and only a burr is collected, it must be cleaned with the help of a damp cloth before it turns into eye diseases. You can end this burr by going over the last time with the oxygen cloth.

Dry eye or excessive tear can also be symptoms of eye diseases. In such a case, you can use the eye drops you provided earlier and overcome this situation with artificial tear or tear adjuster. So this will change depending on the cause of your cat’s eye diseases.Cataracts are one of the eye defects that cats can have. Although it is a rare eye disease, this can happen. An operation under the control of a veterinarian may be required to solve this problem, which may cause temporary blindness or light perception problem. It is extremely important for your cat’s health that you do not delay the resolution of this problem, which usually results from trauma.
Elevation of Eye Degrees is also one of the most common conditions among cats’ eye problems. For this, your veterinarian will do eye tests to analyze your cat’s eye. And according to the result, it will list the methods you need to follow.

Eye problems are a condition that can occur in many cats. However, we can say that making this a very problematic problem is a big negativity. Therefore, we recommend that you consult your veterinarian before using chemical components such as cleaners, pesticides.

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