Since the beginning of the humanity, cats are seen as companions and buddies to our lives by humans. As it mentioned in The Cornell Book of Cats, cats date back to the times before Christ, especially about 3600 years ago, were witnessed lots of interest in the time of Ancient Egypt even though they started to be domesticated around 8000-4400 BC. The fact that the first cat breed domesticated by the Egyptians was Egyptian Mau cat is claimed by anthropologists and various specialists as because when etymologically examined, Mau means cat in the Egyptian language. Moreover, hieroglyphic descriptions of cats in Egypt show cats similar to the Egyptian Mau breed. Some feline lovers support the idea of Mau cats come from one of naturally spotted and naturally domesticated cat breeds.


Egyptian Mau cat is medium sized, has short to medium length fur coloured silver, bronze or smoke with medium length tail. Their fur is very shiny yet their fur do not require a lot of grooming. Like its colourful fur, it has colourful eyes such as green and golden. Its eyes are large and almond shaped with its natural “mascara looking”. It has medium to large ears, which are usually alerted and pointed. Mau cats can be described as closeness of a Burmese and nobility of a Siamese looking like American-bred Turkish Angoras. In its forehead, there is a mark shaped like a “M”. This breed can live up to 12-16 years. Since its hinder legs are longer than its front legs, Maus can run up to 30 miles hourly. These cats are pretty athletic as they have qualified muscles. They love indoor and outdoor activities a lot!


Maus love to fetch and playing games with their owners because their playfulness is on point. As Maus are highly smart and loving with its owners, they are in need of attention so do not forget to pet and praise them. Mau is classy, emotional and a little bit jealous animal as they overprotect their beloved ones, especially to their owners and children. When it comes to food, they can be picky. They carry a tune, their vocality is well-developed yet their voices melodious and quiet. They are not overly talkative. It can be said that independence is crucially important for them. Their docility depends on the person and their mood. They hardiness is quite high. They love travelling as much as they love their homes. The Egyptian Mau cat cannot always prevent itself from jumping into the tub and a bucket full of water with its water-loving feature compared to other cats. As I mentioned before they are very friendly but you have to earn his/her highness’ love, loyalty and trust!

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