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Hairball Vomiting in Cats, Why do Cats Vomit a Hairball?

Why Cats Vomit Hairball?

Hairball Vomiting in Cats, Why do Cats Vomit a Hairball?

Hairball vomiting in cats can be really bad and frustrating. This can lead not only to the social life of cats, but also to the owners of cats. This may be due to any damage to the digestive system of cats, as well as some physical and physiological problems. Cats can groom themselves in this situation and cause intestinal infections. It is necessary to combat this and keep it to a minimum. Otherwise, a much more difficult process can wait both for you and your cat.

Why Cats Vomit Hairball?

One of the biggest reasons for this is that cats are grooming themselves. This is their physiological habit. When trying to clean themselves, with the help of their tongue, they pull the noble or subsequent hair on their bodies. This, after a while, proceeds towards the intestine and stomach and turns into a hair ball there. This, of course, causes it to be thrown out after a while.
In general, this situation does not occur in kittens. Because kittens expect grooming from their mother, and their tongue does not have to pull the hair. In addition to this, you can use some ways to prevent cat hairball vomiting, or rather to reduce it.

Cat’s Hairball Vomiting Solution

Generally, cats excrete this by vomiting out loud after the hair collects intensely in the gut. This situation can sometimes be difficult. However, you shouldn’t see it as a huge problem. As a solution, when you feel Diarrhea, Lethargy, Anorexia, and Constipation, you need to take your cat to a vet. You can do this in a way that does not cause pain thanks to the solution it will provide. Thanks to the solution to be given by the veterinarian, you can overcome this situation in just one week.


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