Havana Brown Cat

Havana Brown Cat Breed Information

Havana Brown Cat

Havana Brown is known as a new breed of cat that was first formed by the change of Havana cat in England. In this adventure that started with breeders wanting to create a cat type similar to Siamese cat, Havana Brown cat is said to be produced with the best genes in 2007. Havana Brown cat, which has a very loving personality with its bright and flawless feather structure, has a charming appearance with chocolate brown tones. Havana Brown cat, which has managed to spread rapidly all over the world with its gentle, loving and loyal personality, has been officially recognized by cat associations as of 2014.

Physical Appearance of Havana Brown Cat Breed

Havana Brown is generally among the medium-sized cat breeds with its elegant and thin lines. The long and muscular body structure is said to be quite muscular as well as athletic. Havana Brown cat, whose hind legs are longer than its forelegs, can jump to quite high points with its thin leg structure. In addition, this type of cat, which attracts a lot of attention with its very bright feather structure, is generally seen in chocolate, brown and chestnut colors. Havana Brown cat is known to have a very easy care with its feather structure as in other cat species.

Characteristic Features of Havana Brown Cat Breed

Havana Brown cat is known as a truly human breed of cat with a very loving personality. It seems that these cats, who like quite routine things, are not very demanding except that they feed at the same time of the day, play games with the owner and sleep beside them. Havana Brown, who has a very talkative personality, cannot prevent itself from being included in everything with its owner. It is said that it will be happy to accompany you, especially if you are going somewhere by car. In addition, they remain loyal to their owners with their dog-like behavior.

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