Himalayan Cat

Himalayan Cat Breed Information

Himalayan Cat

With its large size and deep blue eyes, Himalayan is known as a different breed of cat, which was formed as a result of mating Persian and Siamese cats. This cute breed, which was first seen in the USA, quickly spread all over the world and managed to enter the hearts of cat lovers. Himalayan cat, which is very interesting with its gentle, loving and loving personality, is known to be very few in number care compared to other cat species. This breed, first discovered by cat breeders in the 1930s, was called the long-haired Colourpoint cat that appeared as of 1955. However, it seems that breeders, who argue that there is a different breed, have not been able to accept this situation for cat associations.


Physical Appearance of Himalayan Cat Breed

Himalayan cat is among the medium and large cat types with its attractive appearance. Himalayan cat, with its round head structure and plump cheeks add a very loving look, has a very sweet appearance with its small ears and round eyes. Himalayan cat, which has a very fluffy appearance with its long and voluminous hair structure, is generally seen with its hairs with shades of chocolate, lilac, blue, black, cream, red, silver, cinnamon and brown.

Characteristic Features of Himalayan Cat Breed

Himalayan cat is considered one of the sweetest natural breeds. In this way, this cat maintains its popularity all over the world with its always loving, calm and human-friendly personality. Himalayan cat, who is delighted to meet new people and pets, is said to be very kind and understanding. Himalayan cat, who has a very smart and intelligent personality, is happy to play with the owner and those around its. However, it is said that they think for minutes before doing anything because it has a very thoughtful structure.

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