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How and Why We Groom Cats?

How and Why We Groom Cats?

How and Why We Groom Cats?

We often see a guide about how often we need to groom our cats on websites. In case you wonder how to groom cats and why we groom cats, then this article is just for you. Below, you can find detailed information regarding both of these questions. Grooming is a kind of special ritual that cats always do to themselves and other cats. Some of them even groom their owners by licking them over and over again. Grooming a cat is the cat version of taking a bath. They also prefer this ritual to strengthen their bonds with fellow cats to socialize.

Why We Groom Cats?

As we briefly describe in the above, grooming a cat is equivalent to letting your cat take a shower. Since most of the cats hate water, they developed this method. Thanks to the anti-bacterial properties of their saliva, they can clean themselves without any additional water source. When we groom our cats, we make things easier for them by removing the fallen hair on their fur. In addition to this, it is a beneficial method to prevent their fur to be tangled over time. It is a kind of social and cleaning ritual that makes our cats happy.

How to Groom Cats?

In fact, we often groom them while we are petting them. However, depending on the length of their fur, weekly grooming requirements may vary. A soft brush will do the work. There are many bristly cat brushes on the market that you can prefer as well. Before you start grooming a cat, make sure that he or she feels relaxed in advance. Then apply the brush gently to remove the excess hair on their fur. Depending on the density of the hair, you may need to increase the amount of pressure on the fur dramatically. Think this process as you are petting your cat but instead of using your hands, you will be using a brush.

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