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How Can Cats and Dogs Get Along

How Can Cats and Dogs Get Along?

Though people usually think that cats and dogs hate each other, this is just a misconception of us. Yes, there are situations that cats and dogs fight with each other. However, such kinds of situations can be usually seen with dogs and cats living in the streets. The animals living in the streets carry much more survival instincts to the domesticated ones living in a safe home. They can fight when they see each other as a threat. There are a lot of ways to make cats and dogs get along in the same habitat.

Training Your Dogs for Obedience

You can start by working on your dog because cats are harder to educate for obedience. They are more crazy animals who love their freedom. Dogs usually love satisfying their caregivers that is why they are motivated and eager to do what their caregivers expect them to do. After some basic commands for your dog like ‘sit down, stay, speak’, it should learn that chasing after a cat is a wrong behavior. When it shows such a mistake, you should apply one of the rewarding or reinforcing techniques that you apply while training them.

Showing Affection in the Same Place

Try to teach them that they should live together. It is a process. You should hug and pet and brush both of them at the same time. Or You can sleep in the bed with both of them again. In this way, they will adopt each other. Besides, they will no longer react to their scents. Animals mostly react to the unfamiliar scents of others. By playing and petting them at the same place, their scents will get familiar with each other. In this way, cats and dogs can get along.

Let Them Know Each Other

While training your dog and cat, you should not draw boundaries between them, which is the common mistake that people do. They are not their red crosses not to touch each other. Also, if your cat still wants to run away, give them a time to get used to this process. Cats and dogs get along in time.

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