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How Does Bad Breath Pass In Cats?

How Does Bad Breath Pass In Cats?

Cats are the animals that have bad breath and of course, although this situation is low in pets, it may cause the owner to be adversely affected. Problems such as tooth bacteria, overeating, intestinal problems, inflammation of the stomach, and reflux can cause cats to experience bad breath problems. Dental disease and diet program may also cause this, in a study that at least 75% of cats have unbearable bad breath. If you are suffering from this problem, there are some situations that you should do.

Here are the reasons

Tooth inflammation

Tooth inflammation can occur due to any dental infection or because the cat hits the tooth anywhere. Such a problem can cause tooth inflammation and thus cats’ bad breath. Mineralizing tartar and tooth enamel damage can also cause this.

A New Diet Program

If you have offered a different diet program than usual, your cat may also experience this smell. This may cause cats to encounter a diet that they were not accustomed to before, and as a result, to have an unhealthy tooth enamel.

Gingivitis and Stomatitis

Stomatitis is a gum problem caused by inflammation of the mucous lining of the mouth. This inflammation, which usually occurs in adult cats, is caused by bacterial viruses and microorganisms. You should contact your veterinarian to eliminate infections such as FIV and Calicivirus.

Metabolic Diseases

Sometimes bad breath can occur in cats due to poor oral hygiene. Kidneys can be a great demonstrator at this stage. Because cats that consume less water or whose kidneys are not working can experience it.

So How Does It Heal?

For this, after determining which of the reasons mentioned above cause bad bad breath of your cat, the necessary treatment will be provided by the veterinarian. They will offer you the most accurate treatment.

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