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How is drug given in cats?

How is drug given in cats?

How is drug given in cats?

Giving solid cat medications to your cat is a torment. Keep in mind that this type of medication, which is recommended to be given in a dish or mixed with a food, addresses your cat’s sense of smell. Do you have any idea how to give it?

Mixing Solid Cat Medicine with Liquid Food
Buy your favorite juicy formula and add the solid medicine into the flour. He’il keep eating unless he notices it inside. However, if you need to take the drug alone, do not mix it with any food without asking your veterinarian.

Breaking Solid Medicine
Give the solid medicine after crushing it and making it into small pieces. In this way, there is the possibility of eating the drug does not detect. However, do not crush with a mortar or squeezer that you have already used. This allows him to pick up different odors and refuse the drug because of the spice smell.

Giving Solid Medicine with Liver
f the solid refuses to eat the drug, there is no other remedy. Take your favorite food, liver, and add some to the container. Throw the crumbled solid medicine into the container and mix well with the liver. No matter how bad he smells, he refuses to say no to the liver.

How to Drink Liquid Cat Medicine

You might think it’s easy to give cats liquid food rather than solid medicine. But your cat will show you that this is not true. Especially nowadays, cats have a clear attitude. Often, they completely remove the liquid drug without drinking. The method of giving this is applied in two different ways.

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