How should be the bathing frequency of dogs?

How should be the bathing frequency of dogs?

Bathing frequency of dogs is a fragile subject because we need to avoid either overbathing to prevent them from self-cleaning or less bathing. The correct bathing frequency of dogs depends on your dog. You should consider its age, species, and diseases if any. You should consider if your dog had a treatment or the surgery recently.

Is it Dirty?

Basically, when a bad scent spreads out of your dog, it can be a sign of bath time. It is the easiest way to check their bath time. Other than that, you can wash your dog once every three months. However, it is possible to bath your dog more than this frequency. For instance, if your dog has long hairs, which will affect their smell and dirt, it is a sign for more frequent bath time.

Indoor Dog or Outdoor Dog?

Does your dog live in the house or in the dog kennel? Does your dog go outside a lot? These are the other reasons to check the bathing frequency of dogs. If it is a house dog, probably it will be cleaner than the dogs living in the dog kennel. Being on the outside inevitably makes the dog dirtier since it touches everywhere.

Does it like it?

It is known that dogs mostly like and enjoy their bath times. However, there are some dogs with some health problems. They might have a problem with their skin or other diseases, which makes them uncomfortable to be bathed. You need to solve the problem if you want to convince your dog more occasionally.

Find the Correct Shampoo & Essential Oils

If your dog carries fears for bath times, and if it does not have any health issues, you can comfort them by choosing a correct shampoo. It should not be a shampoo designed for humans, yet maybe baby shampoos could be appropriate to use in case of deficiency of a dog-shampoo. You can discover an essential oil that your dog will like. Do not forget that scent is essential to determine the bathing frequency of dogs.

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