How Should I Start to Train My Bird?

How Should I Start to Train My Bird?

Like most of the other animals, birds are also clever and social creatures. If they can be trained and educated well, quite good results can be seen. It is known that there are some bird species singing; imitating human sounds, doing puzzles, which all impress us. Some of them also have mathematical intelligence. These talents also push bird caregivers to train their birds. If you want to train your bird, there could be some paths to follow with your bird.

Create Your First Authority

To train your bird, you should know that you can give some basic commands to your bird, and it is following you. One of them is ‘stepping up’ command. When you say step up to your bird, it should move according to you. Basic commands are important because it shows the authority and how much it obeys you. If you do not have any base with your bird, your first job is to create a base between us. While creating it, do not force your bird. It happens in time because in time birds like to do what their caregivers want. It will try to understand you.

Is It in the Mood?

As told before, birds are social and fragile creatures. It can sometimes show bad traumatic or psychological reactions. You should make sure that your bird is happy and singing with you. In the process of training, do not hurt it. Training requires time and patient if you want to train your bird.

How to Practice

Usually the importance of practice is underestimated by bird trainers. However, you should make sure that you are practicing commands in different locations and even while there are some other people. The reason for that is because birds are shy creatures; you will try to make them more outgoing. I am sure you have heard of a lot of bird stories that can speak, sing, and do a lot of things. However, these birds cannot do one of them when it sees someone else than its caregiver. Therefore, keep your practice going everywhere.

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