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How to Care for Blind Cats

How to Care for Blind Cats

Unfortunately, some cats could be handicapped physically. When they have problems with their legs, with a simple machine they could go back to normal. However, if this handicap is deafness or blindness, caregivers have more responsibility to make them go beyond such a handicap. How to care for blind cats is quite easy with some little tips and adaptation process for them since luckily, they will keep their sense of smell. It will make your work easier.

Help Them Adopt Their Environment

One of the most crucial things is to make the adaptation process easier for them. You can start by defining the places of certain objects. When you change their food bowls and litter tray, they would be surprised and have hardships to figure their new places out. Besides, let them hear the voices around, which makes them relaxed. For this reason, you can use your tv or radio even in the times you are not at home. You can also talk to them since they will notice your voice.

How to Play with Blind Cats

Games are irreplaceable for cats. You should not think it will be hard for your blind cats. You should use noisy kid toys. It is easy to catch your cat’s attention with noisy toys. It also improves their sense of hearing and feeling. With practices such as throwing the sound ball to your cat, your cat will be more sensitive to the voices it hears. You can support your cats with any kind of game for how to care for blind cats.

Safety Comes First

While talking about their adaptation process, it is important not to ignore the integrity of the house. On one hand, you should not change the places of their food, water, and litter box. On the other hand, for how to care for blind cats, your furniture should be placed somewhere certain for them. Especially, be careful about the furniture that has sharp edges while replacing them. If you replace such furniture, first let your cat realize it by making it feel the object.

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