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How to Make a Cat Haircut at Home?

How to Make a Cat Haircut at Home?

Sometimes your cat’s hair may grow a lot and this can cause you to constantly see the hair in your home and your cat to be uncomfortable in this situation. Here you can shave the cat at home to get rid of it. If you have never shaved a cat at home before, we will give you some clues in this article. Here’s how to shave a cat at home …

Generally, it may be necessary to use an anesthetic or some sedative drugs to shave the hair of cats. Because cats are uncomfortable with the vibration and sound of the shaver and can react. However, they can move and accidents can occur during this moving. The drugs used are mildly calming and when the shaving process is over, the cat is awakened by a second injection. Cat’s hair can optionally be left at the head or tail, resulting in a slightly more beautiful image. If you are going to shave your cat, it would be better to choose the summer months. Because very dense moulting starts in this period, and after spring, the time for hair change takes place, and long fluffy cats may have a lot of molt at home. You can also apply for both animal comfort in the summer and to solve the hair loss problem at home. After the hair grows, hair loss does not appear for 6 months. If the cat does not comb itself, if it does not like this situation, hairy lumps may occur in long-haired cats and these lumps cause wounds on the skin. It is absolutely necessary to shave in the healing of the formed lesions and wounds.

All cats need hair care to collect their ready-to-shed hair. While caring for your cat’s hair, you may find the opportunity to review its health. In the meantime, you will have the opportunity to review any differences in the skin, wound fleas, etc. like. If your cat does not have a disease, its hair will look brighter again. Healthy skin and beautiful feathers are provided by a good diet. Starting to crawl the cat when you are a baby and doing this frequently will prevent this process from becoming unpleasant in the future. If you think you cannot do this in any way, please seek professional support.

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