How To Make a Cat To Sit and Wait?

Sitting and Waiting, Is It A Typical Cat Behaviour?

Most of the cats are lively, energetic and restless creatures; they never think to stop except sleeping. They want to run, jump and to follow any moving thing. They are famous with their endless energy. These are correct, but be sure they are clever, they observe their environment very well, including us and our behaviours. So if we really make them understand that we are asking, this communication between you and your cat will make her happy and she will react.

Methods Of Training A Cat To Sit and Wait

First rule is being patient, acting with a warm discipline in a persistent way. Generally, if you hold something which may be a reward in your hand over your cat’s head level, if it attracts her interest, she will probably sit and look at it. If you can make her not to jump for it, this is a great opportunity to train her. You can also use a clicker to make a stimulating sound to prevent her to be distracted. When she is attracted, according to her natural body shape, she will sit down for a moment. Every time that she sits and stays, you may give her a small reward. Keeping her concentrated is the key.

Stay Low, Be Patient, Do Not Give Up

It is recommended to sit beside her in order to stay at closer levels with your cat. If you keep standing in an uphigh position, this might scare and distract her. This training session should be performed at least twice a day and five minutes each, consisting of minimum 20 repetitions regularly. Don’t forget that excessive training may create discomfort and the training may fail. In all cases, staying positive, lovely and consistent will help you to perform a successful training.

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