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How To Train A Cat To Come With Your Command

How To Train A Cat To Come With Your Command

How To Train A Cat To Come With Your Command

Every cat unique, every cat is different than the others and every cat responses in a different way to same stimulants. And, always keep in your mind that they are really clever creatures. Cats have big talent to observe us, they follow our behaviours and act accordingly. They can adjust their responses according to the conditions. After all these, we can easily say that cats are really deep and difficult.

To Call A Cat and Making Her To React : How?

While we are outside and having time with our cat, she may suddenly get in a dangerous or risky situation. So it will be great to train her to turn back and come to us with our command. At first, we may use a special sound to attract her attention. As cats are famous creatures with their curiousity, they will tend to show interest in such attracting sounds. To make a sound by ourself or using a clicker may be helpful. If you are feeding your cat with canned foods, the clicking sound of the clicker may be similar with the opening sound of the can, or the package of the food, which will attract her strongly. This ritual may be repeated regularly and may be supported with a small reward.

Be Patient, Persistent and Disciplined

While calling your cat, you have to use the same command together with calling her name. Also using same voice and intonation is important too. This will make her to understand the command and obey easier. Also if there are other family members or friends who call her, ask them to call in the same way. Training a cat usully consists similar rituals and similar behaviours, so if we can be patient, persistent and disciplined, it will be easy to make them trained for different commands and actions. So unite your wish for training her with her lively and restless mode, and be a perfect couple.

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