How to Trim Your Cat’s Nails?

How to Trim Your Cat’s Nails?

It is controversial whether cats’ nails should be cut. As it is known, although cats are suitable for living in homes today, their body structures are shaped for them to live in nature. Cats living in their natural habitats are able to do nail care easily by themselves on a daily basis. For example, there is no need for further maintenance or cutting of the finger nails that are constantly filed by outdoor cats walking or climbing on abrasive surfaces. However, since cats living in homes do not have a suitable environment for such movements, they need a cat board sold in order to do their own nail care. The cat board is a structure that allows cats to rasp with their instincts.

However, some cats may not recognize and use such unnatural care products. In such cases, cats should have their longer nails cut off by their owners.Cutting the cat’s nails is a difficult and careful process that requires extremely knowledge and experience. It is recommended that cat owners who do not have sufficient knowledge about nail cutting should have this procedure done by veterinarians.

Those who want to cut their own fingernails before starting this process should carefully examine the nails, to check whether the length has to be cut. When the fingernails of the cats are examined, it is seen that there is a pink area at the bottom and a dead, transparent area at the end. This pink area is the part of the veins. When cutting the cat’s fingernail, you should cut the pointed part in the dead transparent area, which is well below the pink part with scissors.

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