I Lost My Dog; What Should I Do?

I Lost My Dog; What Should I Do?

Losing the dog is one of the common problems of caregivers, unfortunately. If it is a domesticated dog, there are a lot of ways to find it but first, to make the searching process easier, you may think about the reasons. Dogs usually run away from their home due to loneliness, boredom, or sexual instinct to look for a mate. They are curious creatures wondering about the world, which evokes an urge for them to wander in around. What you should do is immediately start searching it on the streets.

Searching in the Neighbourhood

Pets usually do not go far away from the neighborhood. Your dog probably only knows the places that you go with it such as parks. You should check the parks that you frequently visit with your dog. Also keep in mind that if it is not accustomed to go outside, it will probably protect itself by hiding that is why you gain a detailed glimpse and aspect while searching for it. Your dog might prefer to hide near some cars or trees. Do not expect to find it by running away in the streets.

Checking and Seeking in Animal Shelters

If you lose your dog, and can’t find it for a longer time, you should consult the animal shelters around and animal control agencies. Animal shelters can adopt dogs without owners in the streets. You can prepare a report for your lost dog and hand it out to the shelters in the city. Furthermore, you can visit animal shelters as much as possible.

Distributing the Pictures of Your Dog

Print the clearest picture of your dog and post it the biggest billboard or places, which mostly catch people’s attention. Your picture should be colored. Also, if it has a distinctive feature, which distinguishes it from the others, the picture should be able to show these features. Printing its picture is mainly what you should do if you lose your dog.

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