Is Dog Saliva Harmful? How Could It Be Treated?

Is Dog Saliva Harmful? How Could It Be Treated?

A dog’s saliva includes a lot of germs and dangerous bacterias including Salmonella and escherichia coli. It also involves parasites involving Giardia and Cryptosporidium. On one hand, it is controversial if these bacterias and parasites are threats for human beings or not. As known, usually, diseases belonging to animals cannot transmit and harm the people that is why it is hard to say that the dog saliva is harmful. On the other hand, pregnant women, babies, and the elder people might be under risk against the dog saliva. It is better to keep them away from a licking dog.

Creating Allergies for Humans

Dog Salivas can spread allergic reactions to humans. However, usually, people do not understand that these allergic reactions come from the saliva. They are mostly suspicious of the fur or something else The proteins in the saliva can cause the allergy for humans. If you have already allergies for anything, it should be better if you do not let your dog lick you. Otherwise, you can consult a vet and see if it spreads extra saliva according to its age and species because they are able to dry their salivas by licking their fur. It might be a problem if it can not do it.

Dangerous Bacterias

Even though animal diseases can not transmit humans, soma bacterias in the dog saliva can transmit to humans and being harmful. Could it be treated? In fact, it is not a situation needed to be treated because the dangerous bacterias transmitted to humans are really rare situations. The possibility is so low. If your dog saliva has the harmful bacterias, it could be a sign and symptom of another problem.

Is it antibacterial?

The dog’s saliva is antibacterial for them and their problems in their skins that is why they always clean themselves up. It is not antibacterial for humans. However, according to studies, it is certain that the dog saliva cannot directly harm and cause a problem for humans.

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